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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A land where everything is made of Legos...

We took Hayes to a four-year-old's heaven yesterday, Legoland! As part of his birthday present (thanks, Nana and Papa!) we treated him to 24 hours of being an only child again, in the second happiest place in Southern California.

We headed down to Dana Point late Sunday afternoon, leaving Greyson in the capable hands of his Aunt V, who's in town from Chicago for the week. After a quick pitstop at Tootsies to say hello to Grandma Nini and play shoe store owner with the cash register, we headed to our "hotel" for the night, also known as Nini and Pa's pad in Dana Point. Nini and Pa headed up to LA to relieve Aunt V of Greyson duties so it was a literal house swap for the night.

We headed straight to the hot tub and had a sunset dip, then headed back into downtown Laguna for dinner at Big Fish Tavern, which was even better than I remember it being when it was House of Big Fish and Cold Beer.

When we got home, it was straight to bed Fred to rest up for the big day ahead.

We hit the road after a leisurely breakfast and were at the park by 11am, giving us 6 hours to explore and ride to our heart's content.

Legoland is in Carlsbad, CA, just north of San Diego. The only other time I'd been was when I was about 14 years old and went to the Denmark location, so it was just a little different than that one - although they still had the driving school I fondly remembered. 

Hayes was in his element, happily running from one ride to the other, taking turns with both of us when riding the rides and having a blast. Although we felt a little guilty about leaving Greyson behind (new year reso-what??), it's really nice to be able to have these days solo with Hayes where we don't have to constantly be telling him 'no' about something or making him wait for his little brother. We truly are so lucky to have Grant's parents so willing and able to take care of the boys when we want solo time - and I'm pretty sure they love it too (at least that's what they tell us!). Legoland was absolutely perfect to celebrate a 4th birthday because many of the rides not only had height requirements of 42" (which Hayes barely passed), but the child also had to be 4 years old (and they actually asked the kids before they got on the ride!).

Grant was pretty proud of his Lego tower...

It was a much more manageable Disney, with plenty of smaller rides and a couple more thrilling roller coasters. They had giant play areas filled with Legos in the center of the lines for the bigger attractions, which is absolutely genius when dealing with impatient kids (and in Hayzey's defense, he never once complained about having to wait in line). Food options were decent, there were play structures, a fun fireman show and Legos EVERYWHERE. And going on a Monday in March meant that the lines were limited, so we were able to go on pretty much everything we wanted to, even hitting up a few rides twice.

Grant and my personal favorite was the roller coaster we rode soon after we got there. For Hayes, it "wasn't what he expected" but has left us with a lasting, hilarious video that we will treasure for years to come.

With that, our celebration of '4' finally comes to an end and we're ready to take on the next year with our growing boy ;-) 

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