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Thursday, March 12, 2015

eight / fifty two

Hayes, age 4: ...knows one knock knock joke and it never gets old to him. It goes something like this:

knock knock...
who's there?
slime who?
slime on you! pshhh {pretends to pour slime on your head}

This is made all the cuter with his pronunciation of the letter 'l', which comes out as a 'w' so words like 'slime' are actually 'swime' ;-)

Greyson, age 15 months: ...he's been very generous with his parting kisses as of late. If you say goodbye to him, he'll extend his arms and open and close his hands in a waving motion, then make a kiss sound with his lips and put his hand to his mouth. Doesn't really get the concept of blowing kisses quite yet but is slowly piecing it together.

Chanel: ...I'm in the final week of prep for our pre-school's biggest fundraiser of the year, the Spring Family Festival and I'm pretty ready for it to be over and done with! I've been responsible for the food for the event so have been dealing with food trucks and permits and meeting after meeting with the committee. Hoping we can raise a boatload for the school so the event is a success and I thank everyone for their generous donations to our raffle thus far.

Grant: ...embracing the summer temperatures we're having in SoCal this week and is whipping up a fish taco feast tonight that we'll enjoy al fresco. 

Aunt V is in town, Cousin Mackenzie is coming over for dinner and Thomas flies in late this evening. It's a revolving door of family members in March - we have guests sleeping in our guest bedroom for almost half of the month. Good thing we're building a bigger house!

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