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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Isms... and Photo Overload!

Hayes, with everything he needed for an "adventure" tucked into his waistband...

...to say that the kid is into Octonauts would be the biggest understatement of 2015. I have never quite seen him like this and the obsession has lasted well over 2 months. He received an Octopod and Gup A for his birthday and has slowly been building his collection of characters. They go everywhere with him - to school, to the dinner table, to the bath. It's a fight every evening to get him to put them to sleep beside his bed vs in it with him. He was invited to a friend's Frozen themed birthday party and his response when I asked him if he thought that would be fun was, "Why isn't it an Octonaut party?". I told him this morning that we needed to get him some new clothes and his response? "I'd like a t-shirt with Octonauts on it!" It's stalker status over here - thank god they're a cartoon!
...he has figured out how to ask Siri questions on my iphone and their back and forth can keep him entertained for quite some time. It goes something like this:

He gets so exasperated when she doesn't understand what he's asking, letting out an audible sigh like she's the most idiotic computer in the world. I shudder to think how that will be projected onto Grant and me as he gets older.
(side note, the "stop it enough no" Siri captured in the first request was from overhearing me in the background this morning disciplining Greyson. Awesome.)
...there are certain words he still can't pronounce the right way and part of me wishes he would continue saying them like that forever. Things like "siggers" for scissors, "lub" for love and "Aquaphorer" for Aquaphor.
...speaking of Aquaphor, he is slightly addicted to chapstick and the moment his lips feel a little parched, you better be at his side with some relief. He starts panting loudly and yells, "Aquaphorer! Aquaphorer!" God forbid we're ever without the sweet nectar!
...Barry O was in town a few weeks ago and Hayes was told by a friend of ours that he might be in the plane that was flying overhead, so now everytime he sees a plane in the sky, he asks us, "Is that President Obanda?". He also knows that he lives in Washington DC in a big white house and would really like to visit President Obanda there next time we go to see our cousins. Anyone got any hook-ups?!

Super Grey McStuffins...

...16 months has been such a fun age for us. We feel like Greyson is really coming into his own and is such a delight to be around these days. He's still headstrong and knows what he wants, but he's acquired a sense of humor lately and is all about entertaining his crowd. 
...he knows how to push Hayes' buttons. He'll get right up into whatever Hayes is doing and latch onto the one thing he knows Hayes wants. As soon as he gets his hands on it, he'll run to the other side of the room. It infuriates Hayes to no other, but I'll tell you what, that Greyson sure can stand up for himself.
...there's a lot of roughhousing around here lately. I'm sure it's that way in any family with boys, but the littles like to smother each other and whoever else happens to be in the warpath. Sometimes, Hayes will tackle Greyson so hard that we'll yell, "Get off your brother! Not so rough!", only to see Greyson come up for air, huge smile plastered across his face, knocking his fists together in the baby sign language motion for 'more'. 
...I've been taking him to a music class on Mondays when Grandma Nini is spending the afternoon with Hayes and it's so funny to watch him in that environment. He's used to tagging along with his brother, keeping up with the big guys. In these classes, he'll stay back and stare at all of the other kids, sometimes venturing out to play with whatever toy they've put out but always coming back to me and nestling into my lap. So funny to see this shy side of our normally super outgoing guy!
...although you wouldn't know it from his behavior at Toddle Tunes, the kid loves music, particularly when I sing to him when I'm changing his diaper. Sometimes it's the only thing we can do to get that squirmy worm to lay still while we change him!

Finally uploaded the pictures from the last few months so check 'em out if you're interested!:

Greyson, 15 months - click here for photos!
Greyson 16 months, Hayes 4 years - click here for photos!

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