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Thursday, March 19, 2015

nine / fifty two

This little video captures pretty much spot on what life it like around here these days.

Pure madness.

Hayes, age 4: ...we're going through an interesting phase that frankly I'm hoping stop soon or I fear I might be picking my 4 year old up from jail for indecent exposure. Seems Hayzey boy has suddenly become interested in embracing his natural roots and would be better suited living at a nudist colony. He'll snuggle underneath the blanket on the couch and next thing you know, he's whipped his underwear off and is literally balls to the wall. I'm hoping it's a completely normal thing little boys go through but let me tell you, it sure is embarrassing when you happen to have company over and his little tra la la suddenly joins the party!

Greyson, age 16 months: ...he is such a hoot these days and can be so damn funny. He likes to entertain a crowd and does a variety of things on command. For instance, nothing makes him happier than bringing something to someone in the other room, enthusiastically exclaiming "dee do!" {here you go} and running back to fetch the next item. He can cut some serious rug, shaking his head back and forth and really feeling the music. And my personal favorite? If you ask him to go to sleep, he'll drop whatever he's doing and lie down on the floor, loudly snoring the entire time. Awesome.

Grant and Chanel: ...went on our second elementary school today, our current local public school, Canfield Elementary. Able to now compare it to something, I'd say that it's perfectly fine, nothing out of this world but we would be totally okay sending the boys to school there. I liked that it didn't seem too big and since we've been living in the neighborhood for 4+ years, the school had a homey feel to it because it was so familiar to me. I think my preference would be to send the boys to Overland, which is the school I toured a few weeks ago that's in what will be our new neighborhood if we move forward with building the new house, but honestly, they're both fine options so that's a plus!

I'm battling my second sickness of the week, having had back to back colds right on top of each other, so upping my dosage of vitamin C and trying to get lots of rest amidst the chaos of work and the final details for the big school event this weekend. Literally counting down the days until we leave for our annual Hawaiian vacay with Nana and Papa - 23 to go!

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