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Thursday, March 26, 2015

ten / fifty two

Hayes, age 4: ...last night he informed me that he had not one, not two, but THREE girlfriends at school - Dawn, Annalise and Payton. Seems he's quite the ladies' man (although I think the one he has the most love for - besides his 'ole mother of course - is Payton).

Greyson, age 16 months: ...his hair is getting these amazing, amazing curls and some of the auburn is being replaced by the most gorgeous natural blonde highlights. I don't think we'll let his hair grow quite as long as Hayes' was, but I have to say, I'm a sucker for a toddler with long locks and am enjoying this current phase.

For fun, here's some side by sides of Hayes and Greyson at the same age. 
Do you think they look alike?

Chanel: ...we're trying plated this week and so far, I'm a big fan. Last night, we whipped up a crispy lemongrass pork with long life chinese noodles in a sriracha chicken broth and tonight, we're having a skate wing schnitzel with caramelized vegetables and purple potato chips. I've been shooting pics and taking notes and will do a post next week about our experience, but I think they might have a new customer.

Grant: ...I'll spare him the embarrassment of sharing the picture he sent me (mostly because he would KILL me!) but he had his first appointment with an acupuncturist this morning to try and manage his pesky allergies, which have been god awful lately. I am absolutely fascinated with acupuncture (and a little jealous that he has an excuse to get some!), but mostly I'm hoping it'll really help the poor guy out. Having never had to deal with allergies (thanks mom and dad for the good genes!), I can't imagine having to go through life with them. And popping a pill daily that requires showing your identification to obtain can't be a good thing so I'm all for a more natural alternative!

The Cohen Kibbutz has basically been a B&B this month with the amount of visitors we've had - this is our first Friday night in 3 weeks where we don't have a visitor - so Grant and I are heading to an old favorite, Angelini Osteria on Friday for a quality date night. We don't have too many other plans this weekend besides enjoying the glorious weather we're supposed to have and catching up on Jinx, which we're both pretty enthralled with (Serial for HBO anyone?).

Hope you have a good weekend!

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