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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter 2015

Well, it's happened again. Somehow, all of the photos I took with my fancy cam have disappeared and in their place is the 'File Error' of death message which means that somehow the memory card got corrupted and my captured memories have vanished. I am BEYOND annoyed, mostly because I had gotten some really good shots of the boys and the family which are now forever gone, but also because this means I don't trust the stupid camera one bit and will have to resort to taking pictures on my iphone moving forward. 

What's the point in having a $600 camera if the damn thing isn't reliable enough to take pictures, its ONE job and SOLE purpose in life?!?!


Anyways, I've scrapped together the few pictures I did manage to get onto my computer, along with some I took on my iphone the day before during the Easter Egg hunt.

The Easter Bunny showed up on Saturday afternoon while Hayes and Grant were at the grocery store. When they got home, she had left a few chocolate filled eggs on the front steps and scattered them throughout the house leading to the backyard, where the real hunt took place. Hayes wasted no time scurrying around the yard, filling his basket, while Greyson carried a little basket of his own around a had a delightful time putting the same two eggs in, then dumping the contents on the ground, over and over. 

These bunny ears are going strong, 5 years later...
Greyson wasn't really feeling the head apparel...
Hayes counting his loot...
And Greyson with his...
Where is that creme egg...?

(side note, I've never seen a kid take down a creme egg faster than Hayes did. He is his mama's son!)

On Sunday, we headed down to Irvine to our usual Easter brunch spot, Strawberry Farms and met up with Nini and Pa for a delicious spread. Afterwards, the boys ran around on the grass and we took a bunch of pictures that no one will ever see because my camera blows.

We spent the afternoon at Nini and Pa's house, while Mama snuck away to indulge in some retail therapy at Tootsies (thanks Nini!), then we had a yummy dinner at home before heading back up to LA, sans one child, since Hayes spent the night at the grandparents.

It was a lovely weekend and is quickly becoming one of my favorite holidays. Apparently it's up there with Hayes' favorite too, as he asked me this morning if he could keep wearing his bunny ears until Christmas ;-)

Um and how adorable are my nieces?

June on the left, Dylan on the right (doesn't Dylan look like Hayes?!?!)               

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