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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

eleven / fifty two

Hayes, age 4: ...he's taken to saying, "My bad!" when he makes a mistake. Last night, for example, he's getting into bed and he loses one of his lego figures he's insisting on falling asleep with. When I tell him it's underneath his pillow, he laughs and says, "Oops, my bad!". I don't know which one of use this phrase but hearing it come out of a four year old's mouth so effortlessly is hilarious.

Greyson, age 16 months: ...spending time with him is like spending time with a parrot. He repeats everything you say. Everything. Grant, the king of nicknames, has been trying to implement one for our nanny, Lauren, who he's been calling 'Lolo'. Greyson's finally caught on so, sorry Lauren, looks like you're going by Lolo moving forward!

Grant and Chanel: ...we've started implementing monthly guys and girls nights out with our friends, which has actually been really nice. Grant goes out with the same group of guys, hitting up a new burger joint every month (and he calls it 'Five Guys Night'... get it?), whereas my attendees and locales have been a bit more sporadic. On Monday, I went to Mercado with three friends who only know each other through me and it was nice to catch up with all of them and enjoy some delish Mexican and margies. This new trend has been nice for both of us, but especially for me because weeknight dinners out have pretty much been nonexistent for this gal - whereas Grant usually gets one or two a week through work events (not quite the same, but still)...

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