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Thursday, April 30, 2015

thirteen / fifty two

Hayes, age 4: ...he's constantly asking me to "take a picture!" of whatever he's doing, which makes me think I must take entirely too many pictures (put down the phone, Chanel!). We were borrowing a large truck from work this week to haul some stuff into storage and when I dropped him off at school yesterday and told him this was his last ride in the Armada, he made me take a picture of him standing on the foot rail (which he thought was the most awesome thing ever). Before even seeing it, he exclaimed "oh, that was a good one!". Too much!

Greyson, age 17 months...: He is on another-level-obsessed with our seven year old neighbor, Ami and basketball (or "ba-bow" as he likes to call it). Greyson's changing table faces Ami's driveway, where he likes to shoot (or try to - Grant and I figure he gets about 1 in every 10 balls in that he hurls at the net) baskets and it is near impossible to change Grey these days. He'll frantically yell "Ami! Ba-bow! Ami! Ba-bow!" the whole time you're trying to change him, while twisting his body to try and get a better look. I'm waiting for a restraining order to show up at our door; between Greyson's superfan-dome and Hayes taking any opportunity to yell "Hi Ami!" (even when buck naked after his bath), Ami should be afraid...very afraid.

Chanel: ...Grant is off to Vegas for a bachelor party this weekend so I'm heading down to good 'ole Pelican Hill to meet up with the parents (lucky them, they get TWO doses of me and the Cohen boys in one month!). Weather is looking like it's going to be nice (fingers crossed!) so we don't have much more planned than logging some time by the pool. The boys are heading to the other grandparents' on Saturday night, giving me some much-needed adult time with Wayne and Penny ;-)

Grant: ...his company, was acquired last week (again!) by a gaming company called RockYou. I, of course, could not begin to explain to you what that means, but it sounds like it's bringing some new opportunities that will hopefully mean good things for Grant. It really is funny how different our career paths have been - being in the start-up business, he is constantly jumping around from company to company and has been at more than I can count, whereas this lady is quite happy all settled in, snug as a bug working at the same company (basically) for my entire career. (it'll be 10 years on my current team in August) ;-) I often wonder whether my penchant for keeping things the same is due to so much moving around growing up - or, in the case of work at least, I've just been incredibly lucky to have the job that I do...

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