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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Conversations with Hayes...

Hayes is at an amazingly entertaining stage in his life where I find myself laughing out loud multiple times a day at the latest silliness to come out of his mouth. He's so innocent and naive, but so inquisitive and clever and the combination of all of the above results in some seriously silly conversations and observations. 
Some of my favorites, as of late:

When moving the outdoor patio furniture cushions into the garage in anticipation of some coming rain, "Greyson, we need all hands on deck!".

"But first, my breath needs some chocolate milk."
When giving Greyson an unwelcome kiss goodnight, "Come here, you little slob!"
(he calls his brother a slob! What?!)
When seeing a plane flying overhead:
"Hey! It's a plane!
Hello plane!
Mama, do you think they heard me?"
When getting his stuff together for our trip down to Pelican Hill last weekend:
"I'm all packed for the hill!"
When talking about whether he's hungry or tired:
"My tummy is up to here..." {motions to a spot on his tummy with his hands}
"My eyes are down to here..." 
It's all poop, all the time around here. I hear the phrase "Poop on your face!" and "Poop comes out your penis. Pee comes out your butt!" (which he learned from his cousin, Hank) at least 3 times everyday. 
He is still obsessed with anything Octonauts, but has recently become interested in another show called PAW Patrol, so there's lots of talk about characters Rubble and Chase, except he doesn't understand that their names aren't their catchphrases, so he calls them 'Rubble on the double' and 'Chase is on the case'!
And he's brutally honest. He spent Saturday night at Nini and Pa's and when I told him I missed him on Sunday when he got home, he smiled and said, "Well I didn't miss you!". Thanks a lot, kid!

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