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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Esther Cohen

It's been a crazy couple of weeks for us, filled with lots of paperwork, signatures, inspections, more inspections, crossed fingers and toes, excitement, sadness and a little bit of trespassing ;-)

As I mentioned yesterday, our physical contingency on Livonia (or the house that has been affectionately called The Cohen Kibbutz - visit our neighborhood and you'll soon understand why) was lifted on Monday evening, which means that we're pretty confident that the sale is going to go through (or the potential buyers will be saying goodbye to a large chunk of change they've put into escrow for their deposit). 

The Kibbutz passed inspections with flying colors (well, sort of... but we're not on the hook to pay for any of the repairs so we consider that a win) and we've now spent a fair amount of time with the woman who will be the next resident of 1431 Livonia. She'll be moving in with her two teenage daughters and she really seems to genuinely love the house, which means a lot to this old sentimental bag of mush who is almost brought to tears when I think about the day we have to move out of our first home. Knowing it's going into good hands makes leaving it behind easier and I hope it treats her family as well as it's treated ours over the past four and a half years.

First family picture in our new home!
They've made some good traction on the demo of the new house over the past couple of weeks and they expect it to be fully demolished by tomorrow, at which point they'll deal with the foundation and begin the build. Our builder is confident that they'll be able to get it done in 6 months; we think it'll be more like 8-9 months so we anticipate moving in toward the beginning of 2016. 
The original house was a three bedroom, one bath, single level home that was just over 1,000 square feet. It was built in 1944 and I'm pretty sure the same owner lived there the entire time. The kicker is the lot size - it's an almost 7,000 square foot lot, so that leaves plenty of room to built a nice sized home (for LA proper at least!) and include a small swimming pool. We're tearing down the whole thing (well, supposedly leaving part of the front wall...) so it'll be brand new and hopefully just the way we like it ;-)

We've been driving by every couple of days like crazy stalkers and following Grant's lead (I would NEVER if I were on my own), we sneaked in the open fence and took a peak around. Hayes thought it was awesome and asks to go back every day (he also asks if Greyson and Greta will be coming with us to the new house - ha!). We even ran into a future neighbor of ours who invited us to a neighborhood block party where they shut down the entire street over Labor Day weekend - these kind of events would never happen in our current neighborhood so we're looking forward to living in a more normal area where our kids could potentially have friends and where we aren't looked at like the weird ones for not wearing yarmulkes and tzitzits.

One final note before we move onto the pictures - this house needs a name and we need your help, dear readers. We'd like to incorporate "Cohen". The house is located in Cheviot Hills on a street called Esther. We will have a pool. It's our second home. Go!
(for now, we'll call her Esther Cohen, and here she is...)
The original detached garage, which I'm sure is no longer standing at this point...
Ginormous lot with gorgeous trees, many of which will sadly have to be cut down ;-(

Hayes in his new room...

A couple of days later...
Goodbye floors!

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