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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

fifteen / fifty two

Hayes, age 4: ...he's been a little under the weather this week, complaining of a sore throat and earache. When I told him I thought he should stay home from school today, he said to me, "But I don't want to stay home from school! I want to learn something!". 
Hope he's always that thirsty for knowledge!

Greyson, age 17 months: ...sometimes I think he knows just how special his older brother can be, as evidenced by his look of amusement on his face in the picture above. His eyes say, "there goes Hayes again!" and I can see him mentally shaking his head...

Grant & Chanel: ...had a lovely weekend in Miami attending our friend's wedding at the W South Beach. We stayed at another friend's hotel, the Metropolitan COMO and I can't recommend it enough - you felt like you were in Europe (in a good way) - great service, clean and comfortable rooms, good food and amazing spa. We came home on Monday refreshed and rejuvinated and really felt like we'd had a good vacation.

And on a completely other note, we finally broke ground on the new house this week! Here are some snaps of the old house being knocked down:

As of yesterday, they'd already torn down half of the roof and they were busy at work as I stalked them in a slow drive-by on my way into the office. They expect demolition to be done by end of this week and grading and foundation complete by the end of next week, so we're making progress!

We had some inspections done on Livonia earlier this week so are trying to sort through all of that laborious paperwork but everything's looking good for the current offer, although we're still having our first and hopefully final open houses this Sunday and Tuesday in order to secure some back-ups. Everything is moving fast and it's slightly overwhelming but we're excited to be moving beyond the seemingly never-ending limbo we've been living in lately. Onward!

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