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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

sixteen / fifty two

Hayes, 4 years: ...he just loves his friend Theo, who we went on a playdate to the California Science Center with earlier this week. His teachers say that him and Theo have a very familial relationship and treat each other like brothers more than friends. Listening to them interact with each other is hilarious.

Greyson, 18 months: ...'no' is now a very often used word in his vocabulary, but he says it with conviction, so it comes out in a very forceful, "nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnno!!!". I really wish he would unlearn the damn word!

Chanel: ...Hayes gave me the worst mother's day gift of all: strep throat. So I've been battling that this week, on antibiotics thank god, but just feeling overall lousy.

All jokes aside, we actually had a lovely belated Mother's Day this past Saturday, eating our traditional Mama's Day brunch at The Lobster overlooking the pier in Santa Monica and then finishing it off with a family ferris wheel ride. I'm a lucky gal to gave such great guys in my life and I often wish I could freeze time and live in this moment forever.

Grant: ...he finished off his career in politics this past weekend (or so he says) by hosting a Water Town Hall at a local elementary school. Purpose of said town hall was to help educate people on how they could conserve water (25% of their usage, to be exact) and I have to say, I was damn proud of him! We didn't get to stay for the panel Q&A, but he had a pretty good turn out of over 100 people. Well done, bigou!

Physical contingency has been lifted on our house so it looks like this sale is going through! I'll post tomorrow with more details, including some pictures of the progress that's been made on the new house ;-)

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