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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Desert Livin'

This past weekend, we descended upon my parents' house in the desert for a partial family reunion of sorts (my older sis and her ginormous family weren't able to make it, understandably!). My cousin, Lisel, was getting married so we used it as an excuse to spend a long weekend poolside in the blazing sun along with my little sis and her new hubby.
Greyson on the plane...
And embracing desert livin'... (could he BE any more smiley?!)
It was the perfect mix of some of my favorite things - family, relaxing, shopping, golfing (for Grant and Hayes) and eating (of course!).
The bride and groom...
The wedding was lovely - small and intimate and much more of a nice dinner with a one-man serenader than your typical wedding shenanigans. We brought Hayes, who was in his element, sitting at the head of the kids' table, making drawing after drawing and eating a bowl of vanilla ice cream the size of his head. The party animal wouldn't let us leave until it was basically last call - he is his parents' son! Greyson stayed home with a lovely sitter named Dora (yes, as in the explora) and we were all thankful as the other wedding festivities (rehearsal cocktails and day-after brunch) weren't the most relaxing running after a vivacious 19 month old!

Hayes' swimming has really taken off and he certainly had a lot of practice this weekend since he basically lived in the pool. And Grey Grey is finally big enough to sport those genius puddle jumpers, which made being in the pool with the two of them much more manageable.
Oh Mr. Bartender!

Celebrating Uncle Ryan's birthday and Father's Day...
It was a lovely weekend and it was so nice to spend some time with the fam, who I wish we got to see more of. Our next trip there isn't until October, which seems like forever away, but looking at the calendar, or summer is filling up fast - how is it already almost July?!
Oh and on top of a summer filling up with travel, we have this little thing called MOVING coming up in less than 3 weeks. I think I better change my don't-think-about-it-and-you-can't-panic strategy - this gal has a LOT to do over the next few weeks!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

twenty / fifty two

Hayes, 4 years: ... He uses whatever stall tactics he can to delay the going to bed process, but lately, I've actually been listening to his rambling questions and I've got to say, he has some good ones!
For instance, the other night he asked me, "Mama, do you think everyone's phone is named Siri?" (well, why wouldn't he think that?!).
And then last week, we had a conversation that went something like this:
 Hayes: "Mama, where does your energy go after you use it?"
Me: "Well, it goes into whatever task you're putting your effort and energy into."
Hayes: "No, but I mean where does the actual energy go?"
Me: "Good question, buddy!"
Thank God for Google!

Greyson, 19 months: ...He is such a sponge, you can almost see the information and words he's learning soaking into his tiny body. And in typical boy fashion, he understands that poop is always funny. Last night at dinner, he was reciting one of Hayes' favorite phrases, saying over and over "Poop! Eyeball! Poop! Eyeball!" {Hayes' has a few more words - "Poop in your eyeball!" - but you get the gist!)

Sunday, June 21, 2015

All About Dad...

In honor of Father's Day, I decided to ask my favorite four year old to answer some simple questions about his 'ole dad and document his responses, word for word, for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

My dad is 10 years old.

My dad has pink hair.

My dad's eyes are brown.
My dad likes to wear his pink t-shirt.

Things my dad likes: "to watch sports."

Favorite food: "pancakes."
Favorite dessert: "waffles."
Favorite sport to watch: "basketball"
Favorite thing to do: "play in the backyard."
At his job, Daddy: "pushes all kinds of buttons."
Daddy is the best in the family at: "he bounces the highest."
My favorite memory with Daddy is: "I don't quite know...play Zingo!"
What does Daddy do to make you laugh? "tickle me!"
What does Daddy do when you're not around? "plays with toys."
What is Daddy really good at? "playing sports."
What is Daddy not very good at? "I don't quite know...making cereal? From not making a recipe." {I take this to mean he doesn't think Grant is good at following a recipe!}
How do you know Daddy loves you? "because he plays with me."
What does Daddy like most about mommy? "giving her kisses!"

We're in Scottsdale this weekend with my family so we'll be celebrating a belated Father's Day next weekend at our favorite dim sum place (of course!). 

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there, but most of all to the special dads in my life (Olie, Matt, Darryl and this handsome man with the serious 80's 'stache):
We love you!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

nineteen / fifty two

Hayes, 4 years: ...today is his last day of school as a Sea Lion. Pea Pods, here we come! It's Spirit Week at GBCP, so the kids were supposed to dress up as their favorite animal today. Hayes chose to go as Chase the police dog, his favorite character from his beloved Paw Patrol. His friend Theo is taking him for ice cream after school and then he gets to spend the afternoon with Grandma Nini who is on nanny-duty while our nanny Lolo is on vacation. Not a bad day!

Here is a collage of pics of Hayes' first day of school over the years...

And here are some more snaps of Chase!

Greyson, 19 months: ...took this guy to his first baseball game this past weekend and he was in food heaven. He wolfed down a hotdog, nachos, ice cream and his favorite, cotton candy. He definitely had more interest in the food (and exploring Anaheim Stadium) than the game, but it was fun to finally take him to a big event since up until now, he's been left behind while Hayzey gets to enjoy all the action.

With Uncle Pat...
Cotton Candy love...
Do I have anything on my face?

Friday, June 12, 2015

Pea Pods Here We Come!

Are you ready for cuteness overload?
This morning, we attended the Step-Up Ceremony at Hayes' pre-school, Green Beginning. They hold the ceremony to honor the kids who will be stepping up - in this case from Sea Lions to Pea Pods (there is absolutely no rhyme or reason as to why the different age levels are called such seemingly silly names - it goes from Panda Bears (babies) to Bumblebees (young two-year-olds), Polar Bears and Sea Lions (what Hayes was the past two years) to what's considered the real pre-K and what Hayes will be next year, Pea Pods) and to recognize those who will be leaving the school to attend their pre-kindergarten preparatory elsewhere.
Walking down the aisle...
His friend, Joshua on the right hand side with his fingers up his nose. Dying.
He's been practicing his special step-up song for the past couple of weeks and it did not disappoint. And luckily the Cohen Family got front row seats, due to my Room Mama status ;-)

We couldn't be prouder of our little Pea Pod. Hayes started at this school in the Panda Bear class when he was just 18 months old - he was the only boy in a class of 5 girls and was such a little baby when I look back on it. He has grown so much over the past 3 years, has made some good friends (sadly his bestie Theo won't be returning to GB next year as they're moving a bit south of here. Hayes will miss him dearly, I'm sure and I'll miss his mom, Amy, who I've become quite close with) and the school has taught him so much.

Being crowned a Pea Pod!
Or just pissed?
Happily playing with 'Feo on the seesaw...
We're excited to see him move onto become a big boy Pea Pod, but a part of me is super sad as well as that means we're one year closer to being out in the real world: KINDERGARTEN! And this mama sure isn't ready for that yet!

Congrats Hayzey Badger - we lub you!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Empty Esther...

Time to check in on our good friend, Esther Cohen and see how she's looking these days!

They've spent the last couple of weeks laying down the foundation, which is interesting and terrifying at the same time. (The house looks so big! The backyard looks so small!) But after a moment of panic, we raced home to pull out the measuring tape and realized that everything was the way it was supposed to be and that our eyes were playing tricks on us. Phew!

I realized that I never shared the plans for the house, which would be helpful when envisioning what the pretty lady is going to look like upon completion, so here you go:

It's a little hard to see, but basically, the bedrooms will all run along the east side of the house and the living space along the west. It'll be just under 3,000 square feet, which is about 1,000 square feet bigger than our current house. Grant's unfortunately losing his mancave, but we'll have an attached, functioning garage out front, which is basically unheard of in LA and we're planning on having floor to ceiling windows that open up all the way running along the back wall to the backyard so we can use the space in an indoor/outdoor capacity. The pool won't be huge, but we'll still have a nice grassy area for the boys to play.

We haven't been by since Sunday so I'm hoping some more progress has been made to the foundation (Hayes asks as soon as we drive away whether more has been built and what we think it looks like today - he's very curious about the whole thing) but it's no longer a blank canvas and you can definitely see our house taking shape, which is exciting!

Greyson mesmerized by the digger...
That little chunk of wall behind the mound of dirt on the left-hand side of this picture is supposedly the only piece of original wall leftover from the house that stood here before. In the plans, it's supposed to be on the right-hand side of the house, the front wall to Bedroom 1 (the guest bedroom)... A few days after this was taken, the wall had mysteriously disappeared entirely...
The trees haven't been cut down yet but have been significantly trimmed ;-(
This man is standing just outside our master bedroom. French doors will lead out to where the recycling/trash bins are, which will be the pool...
Grant's standing in what will be the grassy area of the backyard, panicking about how much smaller it all looks in person!
Hayes brought his own cones - safety first!
He then got inspired to do some work around the Kibbutz...
The view from the back of the house to the front (that tree will stay!)...
This man is in what will be the dining room, just outside of the master bedroom...
A few days later...
I'm standing in the garage, Grant and Hayes are at the back of the house in the family room (and Grant is apparently wearing the same outfit he wore last time we were there!)... The part in the middle will be a wall that will have storage on one side, appliances, pantry and desk on the other...
This little space at the front will be semi-enclosed to give us a bit more privacy...
Standing just in front of the garage...
We've got about a month left of living in Livonia and then we'll be moving to our temporary home at the Palazzo East. When I think about everything we have to do to get ready for the move, I panic a little, so I just don't do a whole lot of thinking about it!