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Sunday, June 21, 2015

All About Dad...

In honor of Father's Day, I decided to ask my favorite four year old to answer some simple questions about his 'ole dad and document his responses, word for word, for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

My dad is 10 years old.

My dad has pink hair.

My dad's eyes are brown.
My dad likes to wear his pink t-shirt.

Things my dad likes: "to watch sports."

Favorite food: "pancakes."
Favorite dessert: "waffles."
Favorite sport to watch: "basketball"
Favorite thing to do: "play in the backyard."
At his job, Daddy: "pushes all kinds of buttons."
Daddy is the best in the family at: "he bounces the highest."
My favorite memory with Daddy is: "I don't quite know...play Zingo!"
What does Daddy do to make you laugh? "tickle me!"
What does Daddy do when you're not around? "plays with toys."
What is Daddy really good at? "playing sports."
What is Daddy not very good at? "I don't quite know...making cereal? From not making a recipe." {I take this to mean he doesn't think Grant is good at following a recipe!}
How do you know Daddy loves you? "because he plays with me."
What does Daddy like most about mommy? "giving her kisses!"

We're in Scottsdale this weekend with my family so we'll be celebrating a belated Father's Day next weekend at our favorite dim sum place (of course!). 

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there, but most of all to the special dads in my life (Olie, Matt, Darryl and this handsome man with the serious 80's 'stache):
We love you!

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