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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Cousin Love...

This past weekend, Hayes and I took a trip back east to visit with the Kelly clan - all 6 of them (it still boggles my mind that my sister has FOUR KIDS!). We left Greyson at home with Grant and although I know he would have loved being able to spend time with his cousins, the trip was so much easier with my one travel buddy and for that, I was grateful.

We flew out to DC early Thursday morning. My brother-in-law, Matt and eldest nephew, Hank picked us up at the airport and we headed out to Bryce, VA, where they have their lakehouse, Camp Kelly. The drive was very scenic, lots of curvy roads, green pastures and good old countryside (it reminded me a lot of one of my favorite places, Angels Camp). We arrived just before dinner so I was able to squeeze in some snuggles with these two:
Dylan on left (doesn't she look so much like Hayes as a baby?!) and June on the right...
The girls are such little chunky monkeys! At almost 6 months old, they are thriving, wearing diapers one size smaller than my 18 month old (!!). They're happy and calm and seem like relatively easy babies, which is good news when they are two of four ;-) 
Selfie time with Dylan!
We spent two nights in Bryce and Hayes had a ball. The three boys played so well together and entertained each other nonstop - Jess and I joked it was like having a babysitter there. The house is three levels and is set up so the "basement" is a giant playroom so the boys sequestered themselves down there when they weren't playing around outside. It's right on the lake and is surrounded by gorgeous tall trees - you almost feel like you're in a treehouse.

These three stayed in their jammies all day long on Friday, only getting out of them to get into their evening tub!
We took a long walk around the lake Friday morning, stopping to skip stones on the water (or more like throw them in the boys' case - turns out Hayes didn't know how to throw a rock overhand - quite the athlete, that one!) or to look at sticks. At one point, Hank asked Matt what something was and Matt responded by saying, "I don't know, let's take a picture and send it to Dode" {his friend who is a big hunter, may even be a park ranger, but is very familiar with all things nature}. A few minutes later, Hayes asked me what some sort of fungus growing on a stick was and of course, I didn't know so he said, "Take a picture so we can send it to the smart guy!". Ha!
The Kelly boys...
Lake Laura
Boys being boys...
We also ventured out on their little sailboat a couple of times, Matt doing all of the work in getting us from point A to B (not an easy feat considering the lack of wind!) and answering all of the questions about what "ribbon" {rope} did what. Hayes was a little apprehensive about going on the boat and my attendance was required for basically everything he did outside of the house, but I didn't mind ;-)

We drove back to DC on Saturday afternoon and after a frigid dip in their local pool, we left the kiddos with a babysitter and headed out to Tabard Inn for a grown-up dinner.

It was a lovely weekend and so nice to see my sister's family, who we don't get to see nearly enough; I wish we lived closer so the kids could see each other more often. Hank and Hayes are such good little buddies - they were near tears on Sunday morning when we had to go home!

Any guesses who's who??
Here's a video of the boys chatting on our way to the pool on Saturday. The entire weekend was filled with conversations like these, Gus repeating the last few words of whatever Hank was saying, Hank schooling everyone on what was what, Hayes not so sure to believe. Can't wait to see those munchkins again - October can't come soon enough!

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