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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Desert Livin'

This past weekend, we descended upon my parents' house in the desert for a partial family reunion of sorts (my older sis and her ginormous family weren't able to make it, understandably!). My cousin, Lisel, was getting married so we used it as an excuse to spend a long weekend poolside in the blazing sun along with my little sis and her new hubby.
Greyson on the plane...
And embracing desert livin'... (could he BE any more smiley?!)
It was the perfect mix of some of my favorite things - family, relaxing, shopping, golfing (for Grant and Hayes) and eating (of course!).
The bride and groom...
The wedding was lovely - small and intimate and much more of a nice dinner with a one-man serenader than your typical wedding shenanigans. We brought Hayes, who was in his element, sitting at the head of the kids' table, making drawing after drawing and eating a bowl of vanilla ice cream the size of his head. The party animal wouldn't let us leave until it was basically last call - he is his parents' son! Greyson stayed home with a lovely sitter named Dora (yes, as in the explora) and we were all thankful as the other wedding festivities (rehearsal cocktails and day-after brunch) weren't the most relaxing running after a vivacious 19 month old!

Hayes' swimming has really taken off and he certainly had a lot of practice this weekend since he basically lived in the pool. And Grey Grey is finally big enough to sport those genius puddle jumpers, which made being in the pool with the two of them much more manageable.
Oh Mr. Bartender!

Celebrating Uncle Ryan's birthday and Father's Day...
It was a lovely weekend and it was so nice to spend some time with the fam, who I wish we got to see more of. Our next trip there isn't until October, which seems like forever away, but looking at the calendar, or summer is filling up fast - how is it already almost July?!
Oh and on top of a summer filling up with travel, we have this little thing called MOVING coming up in less than 3 weeks. I think I better change my don't-think-about-it-and-you-can't-panic strategy - this gal has a LOT to do over the next few weeks!

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