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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Hayesisms and Greyisms

...he only drinks chocolate milk.
...he's promised me that he'll sit on my lap and snuggle with me every day for the rest of my life. I'm holding him to it.
...his new girlfriend at school is girl named Payton (who happens to have a younger sister Greyson's age... double dates in their future?). It was her birthday party last weekend, which Hayes was obviously excited about and when I told him he should make her a birthday card to go along with her present, he said to me, "Maybe I should make a kissing drawing" and also included many foam hearts and googly eyes.
...I recently discovered how to share your location with people whom you're in a text conversation with so I activated mine and Grant's location sharing with each other. It's a little stalker-ish, but kinda neat as you get to see your contact's little picture moving along a map, kind of like when you go to order an uber. Hayes calls this the 'Daddy Map' and asks to look at it all the time. The other day, he asked me, "Where is the Papa finder?".
...he loves sending emojis and voice notes to Nini. At first, I thought it was just a scrambled hodge podge of various emojis, with no rhyme or reason to their order. But then I observed him one day when he was sending a message and found that he actually selects them to communicate something - so he'll use a bunch of cookies and dessert icons when he's hungry, sad faces when he's sad that she went home, etc... Pretty clever!
...at the ripe old age of four, he's decided that he's only going to have one baby, because "two is too much work". It's going to be a girl and he's naming her Mara, after our cleaning lady (who he's maybe met 10 times in his entire life). When I asked him if he was going to change her diapers, he said to me, "No, because I'm going to be the daddy and this daddy doesn't change diapers!".
...he loves trying on my jewelry. I was cleaning out my closet the other day and heard him going through it all, exclaiming "Ooh la la! This one is so pretty!"
...I took him out to lunch the other day, where he indulged in a decadent carrot cupcake, proclaiming "I like carrots now!" and telling me that if he were to have a restaurant, he would only serve two kinds of drinks, coffee and chocolate milk.
...when I told him we had to leave for school this morning, he said to me, "I'm not ready to go to school yet. I'm still playing with my imagination!"

...he runs everywhere, arms flapping wildly at his sides as if he's a bird trying to take flight.
...in the morning, when I go get him from his crib, he asks where all of the important people in his life are, "Nini? Daddy? Ami?"
...he is next-level obsessed with our neighbor Ami. We can't let him be for two minutes on his own, or he'll climb up onto his changing table so he can see out the window in the hopes he'll catch a glimpse of him playing ba-bow {basketball}. We've had to put a footstool next to the window in the front room to appease him so he can climb up and see out the window whenever he wants.
...he can count to two. I think he might be a genius.
...when Hayes isn't home, Greyson will ask me, "Hayes? At 'cool? {school}". He also asks if Ami is "at 'cool" whenever he's not outside shooting hoops.
...he takes his kissing very seriously and prefers the two handed variety, hands planted firmly on your face so he can get right in there!
...whenever he's excited about something, he breaks out into a round of applause. 
...when he agrees with something you say, he gives a very firm nod up and down.
...he's still a total pig at the dinner table so he dines every evening in nothing but a diaper. When he looks back at pictures of him eating at this stage, I think he's going to wonder whether we could afford clothes for him.
...he loves electric toothbrushes and insists on helping Grant brush his teeth every morning. We bought him his own electric toothbrush recently and I think it might be his favorite toy ever.
...when he jumps, he really puts his whole body into it, crouching down to the ground and standing straight up, with the slightest little hop to finish it off.
...he's learning how to blow bubbles:

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