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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Goodbye Kibbutz...

 The time has finally come and after what seems like years of talking about it, on Monday, we'll be closing the chapter on the Cohen Kibbutz and starting a new adventure.
While we're excited for what lies ahead, I can't help but feel like this moment is a bit bittersweet. We always said when we moved into this house that we would likely live here for about five years and then need something bigger, so we're right on target with that, but looking back, I'm wondering where did the time go? How has it been 4 1/2 years since we signed the papers on our new home, 9 months pregnant with Hayes? How have we brought home not one, but two babies to our first house? How is it already time to move on to the next one?
Living in a house, you really get to know it well. Over the years, we've learned all of the intricacies of the place.

For instance, when it's hot outside, the plug in the master bath doesn't work and sometimes it takes days before you're able to reset the circuit breaker. No rhyme or reason, only when it's hot, so it basically means I have to blow dry my hair in the guest bedroom during the summer and our electric toothbrushes are rarely charged.
{side note, when the buyer first looked at the house, he asked whether our house had enough electricity, to which we said yes, of course - how the hell did he know?!?!}
The french doors off the master shift with the change in climate so when it's hot out, it's harder to turn the lock in the door. We've had this fixed a zillion times and it always slowly but surely, shifts ever so slightly and we're faced with the same dilemma again.
There's a hot spot in front of the fridge where Greta likes to sit to keep warm. It's right in the middle of the kitchen and she couldn't be more in the way but it radiates a little bit of heat that keeps all 6 pounds of her nice and toasty.
The smoke alarm is a seriously sensitive creature, which is a good thing when you want to  know whether your four year old is playing with matches, but a bad thing when you forget to put the fan on over the stove and light up a wok full of stir fry moments after the kids go to bed. {btw, why do kids never wake up when the smoke alarm is going off but REM is interrupted the moment your husband has an aggressive sneeze right before you're about to fall asleep yourself?!). You can't even light a candle anywhere near the damn things.
The guest bedroom is FREEZING at night as the air blows through that room as if it's trying to cool a meat locker. I apologize to any guests who've had to shiver their way to sleep when spending the night.

For all of the annoying intricacies we've learned how to deal with, there are also some amazing things about this house that I'll come to miss.
The way the morning sunshine comes in through the front window. I've spent many early mornings with my baby boys in the quietness of that room and that time with them is something I'll always treasure.
Having two dishwashers - I'll never go back to one.
The backyard is perfect, with our "stage" {deck} and side yard where the boys have spent hours racing one another on their bikes. I think we'll seriously miss having a paved portion of the backyard, although I'm hoping our new pool will make up for it.
Our neighbors. We've been really lucky that we've had such nice, welcoming neighbors, even though we obviously stick out like sore thumbs in the neighborhood (one of these things is not like the other...).
Our proximity to Starbucks and other strange, but delicious kosher restaurants. For our last week in the house, in lieu of cooking, we've done a last hurrah tour of our favorite local spots and although I'm sure I've gained 5 lbs, I'm reminded every night how lucky we've been to be surrounded by such yummy food. Perks of big city living, I suppose!
1431 Livonia has been good to us. It will likely be the most important home we've ever owned, not only because it was our first, but because of all of the important milestones that have occurred within these walls. We brought our babies home from the hospital here. They took their first steps, got their first bee stings and bloody noses. We hosted too many parties to count, filled with good food and good friends, watching the number of kids multiply and the games they played change as the family dynamics shifted. We celebrated our first Christmas as a family at home here and basically every birthday the boys have had so far.
Like I said, closing the door on this chapter of our lives is a bittersweet moment but we're excited for what lies ahead and the new memories we'll make. 
And I firmly believe that home is where the heart is ;-)
So goodbye Kibbutz. You live in a strange little neighborhood that we're likely going to look back and wonder what we were ever thinking when we bought you, but you will always have a special place in our hearts.

May your four walls bring the next family who lives here as much joy as it's brought us. 
You're gonna be a tough act to follow.

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