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Wednesday, July 29, 2015


...he has been such a snuggle bunny as of late, asking to sit on my lap any chance he gets. Sometimes, when he crawls into bed with us in the morning, he'll slip his arm under my neck and put his face right up close to mine to give me a morning kiss {the morning breath, I could do without, but the snuggles, I'll take for as long as I can!}
...Grant recently bought him new sneakers (which look HUGE btw - when did my baby get size 11 feet?!) and Hayes thinks they make him very, very fast. He'll say excitedly, "watch how fast I can run!" and take off around the room, Greyson trailing behind. Our new neighbors, especially the ones below us, must loathe our existence...
...he loves to tell people how old he is and takes great pride in what he's capable of doing due to his mature age. He'll frequently tell strangers who are impressed with his abilities, "I can do that because I'm FOUR!"
...full meltdown the other morning b/c we wouldn't take him to Coffee Bean for breakfast. Like one of three tantrums he's ever had in his life. Turns out chocolate croissants are his version of crack cocaine.
...he's very concerned with conserving energy and saving the earth. His school is very green-focused and he's starting to associate the recycling logo with his pre-school. The other night, he says to me: 
"Your light was on in the closet and so I turned it off because you weren't saving the earth. Recycling is saving the earth. Reuse is saving the earth, And reduce!"
...he's a very enthusiastic swimmer these days, jumping right in and getting down to business as soon as his swim lessons start. I was too lazy to give him a tub the other night when we got home from dinner after swim and had to reassure him multiple times that it was okay to skip a tub just this once and that I promised his hair wouldn't turn green from the chlorine.
...everyone's a poo-face. When he says goodbye to me at school (where he's been going to camp this summer), he'll yell out the door, "BYE POO-FACE!" Just lovely.

...if you ask him how old he is, he'll enthusiastically respond, "Almost TWO!". That one never did want to be a baby for very long!
...he's super into hugs these days and uses them as his stall tactic when going down for naps and bedtime. There are at least 4 hugs involved and he grips onto your face as you lower him into his crib so he can give you a two handed kiss.
...when he wakes up in the morning, he'll yell "Awake! All done!". When you go to put him down for bed, he'll also declare, "Awake!" in protest.
...he loves to do cannonballs into the pool - the kid has zero fear and can swim on his own wearing his puddle jumpers. The other day, I heard him yell "cannonball!" from the top of our stairs and ran as fast as my two legs would carry me to make sure he wasn't about to do anything stupid!
...he repeats everything. Having Greyson around is like having a scribe who takes notes trailing your every move. He repeats the most important parts of every sentence, reminding you of the key words to retain.
...he loves to wear rainboots.

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