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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Fall on the mind...

It happens every year around this time... mid-August hits and I find myself lusting over all things Fall. 

It's not that I don't love the summer - trust me, I do. Especially with two kiddos who love nothing more than splashing around in a pool or playing until they're rosy cheeked at a park - Summer is without a doubt the easiest season with the kids and I fully acknowledge that.

But after months of hot temps and short sleeves, light salads and iced beverages, I'm ready for some sweater weather, stews cooking on the stovetop and snuggly afternoons on the couch in front of a roaring fire.

Okay, I haven't forgotten that I live in LA and that kind of combination happens maybe once or twice a year ;-) But I still love everything about Fall and even though we live in the land of year-round beach days, LA still embraces the benefits of the changing season.

With that, I bring you some of my latest loves, for both Fall and in general:

 I had a serious hankering for red meat this week and was going through slow cooker withdrawals (another reason to love colder weather - what's easier than throwing everything into a device and having it cook you a delicious hot meal while you buzz about your daily life? Nothing, I say!) so for Sunday night dinner this past weekend, we had this delightful and couldn't-be-easier Balsamic Roast Beef. The hubs even made me the yummiest roast beef sammie last night with the leftovers - soft sourdough bread, slathered in mayonnaise with melted provolone cheese. YUM!

How adorable is this printed shawl? I want need one for Fall. The whole outfit is perfection.

I think I'm going to recreate this for Livonia when we move into the new house and actually care enough about hanging things on the wall to decorate (we are so over this apartment already!). We snapped some pictures of the family outside the house before we moved and I kept a key as a momento, which I might incorporate. Would be neat to have a wall of these as we grow older and move onto the next phase of life - and fun to see how our family changes with each house we live in.

I'm in full decorate-the-new-house mode and am excited to start picking our finishes for tiles, floors, you name it. This house is going to be a bit bigger than our last and we'll actually have two family rooms so that means we need to buy a whole new set of furniture for one of them (in my mind, a good problem to have!). Since we want to keep things kid-friendly, we're thinking we'll maybe put a plush ottoman in place of a coffee table. How cute is this one from my favorite, Joss & Main? And at just over $200, it couldn't be more affordable. Now I just need it to come back in stock...

These apple cider donuts have Hayes and Greyson Cohen written all over them and look easy peasy to make since they don't require any of the deep fryers traditional donut recipes call for. I'm thinking this could be a good weekend afternoon activity, perfect with a hot cup of tea.

Although Fall is definitely on the mind, we're still embracing summer over here and had a great day at the beach this past weekend, skipping Greyson's afternoon nap in lieu of some more time in the sand. The boys entertained each other for hours and I was reminded how lucky we are to live so close to the Pacific ;-)

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