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Thursday, August 6, 2015

twenty five / fifty two

Hayes, 4 years: ...he understands that some restaurants are nicer than others but doesn't quite have it right. When we were up in Angel's Camp last weekend and I told him we were going out to dinner for pizza, he said to me, "Are we going to a fancy restaurant or a dirty restaurant?" Ha!

Greyson, 20 months: ...he is such a shy guy sometimes, which is so fascinating to me since he's usually so loud and boisterous. When strangers talk to him in the elevator, he responds and engages with them but in a very quiet and serious way. Even this morning, when we were facetiming with birthday boy Gusser, he was all timid in his responses to Aunt Jess. I'm dying to see what he's going to be like when he starts to do a weekly parent and me class we have him signed up for at Hayes' school this Fall. So far, the kid hasn't done a whole lot of activities due to napping schedules and there just not being enough one-on-one time when Hayes isn't around, but it's funny to think how different he can be in a setting where he can't be the shadow of his big brother.

Esther: Serious progress these past couple of weeks! We have walls and ceilings and holes for windows! I'll tell you what, it's much harder to photograph a house when it's not wide open on a huge plot of land anymore, but I tried to snap a couple on Monday when we were there. It's looking great and we're so excited about how it's going to turn out - although still slightly terrified about everything falling into place with loans, etc, so trying not to get too excited!

View from the front right corner of the living room. This wall will separate the living room and kitchen via a pocket door. Laundry will be in the corner of the kitchen on the right hand side, and next to that, along the interior wall will be the pantry and a built-in desk.
View from the foyer to the living room. There are two windows, one on either side of what will be a fireplace and they really will be as big as the cut-out implies. Those, coupled with the skylights should make for a nice and airy living room!
View from just outside the master bedroom, down the main hallway. Check out the height on those ceilings!
View from the dining room - that's the pony wall in the kitchen where we'll have a built-in bench and kitchen table. To the right is the family room, which the kitchen will overlook.
The builder has already of course hit us up for some extras, all things that are optional, but all things that of course, we think will make the house look so much better. So we're springing for extra skylights and black framed windows, fully aware that this was inevitable and houses always cost more than you think they will. The good news is our builder thinks the house will be done by the end of the year (and he says he's being conservative in that estimation) so that would be amazing. We're already over apartment living (serious first world problems, I tell ya!).

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