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Thursday, August 27, 2015

twenty seven / fifty two

Hayes, four and a half years: ...Over the past couple of weeks, we've been working on getting Hayes to go to sleep on his own at night (we'd previously been staying in there with him until he fell asleep  - a bad habit we'd fallen into that we needed to get him out of). So the deal was, after books, we'd set the timer on my phone for 6 minutes and when that went off, I'd stay for one more minute, then leave with him still awake. I'd check in every few minutes until he fell asleep (usually only took 2-3 check-ins) and the next morning, we'd add a sticker to his reward chart. 10 stickers meant a new toy of his choosing, so he really had motivation to go to bed on his own.
Hayes has been very into police lately and talks nonstop about arresting Grant's best friend, his Uncle Pat, so naturally, he chose a police costume that came with all the bells and whistles - badge, walkie talkie, a ticket, a nametag and perhaps most importantly, handcuffs. He made me print off pictures of the prize, which he promptly hung around the house and looked at every chance he could. 
I'm happy to report that the kid earned all ten of his stickers with little protest and is now officially Officer Hayes ;-) 
(side note, he also only wears blue now, because that's what police officers wear!)

The boys luxuriating in a post-swim shower...
Greyson, 21 months: ...The boy is obsessed with swimming and likes nothing more than doing cannonballs over and over again into the water. When he wakes up in the morning, the first thing he says to me is, "pool?"; same deal when he wakes up from his naps. He is going to be devastated when our building closes the pool in a few weeks (they're conducting some ill-timed repairs on what's already a perfectly fine pool so it'll basically be closed for the rest of the time we live here... grrr...) but think he'll be pretty stoked when we move into our new house and he has a pool at his disposal indefinitely!

Esther: ...It's hard to show in pictures the amount of progress that has been made over the last couple of weeks but Esther is coming along and we think she's going to be really great when she's done. They've put in most of the electrical, plumbing, air, etc... - all of the boring stuff that nobody cares about unless it's not there. So I've spent the last couple of weeks lying in bed at night thinking about where outlets should go and should we be talking about TV jacks, oh and what about lighting for underneath the cabinets, and wait, did we put an outlet where the vacuum cleaner will go?!?! It's enough to drive a person crazy but luckily, we're working with a crew that seems to have everything pretty buttoned up and our biggest concern right now (besides the small matter of locking in an interest rate and getting a loan... no biggie!) is that they're going to be done too soon! A better problem to have than the opposite, but the fact that we're locked into a lease at the Palazzo until beginning of February means we don't want to have too much time where the two places overlap. Anyways, minor details I won't bore you with, but here are some snaps of the place so you can see how she's coming along...

They FINALLY removed the trees in the backyard, which makes us terrible environmentalists, but nicely opened up the space in the back. We decided to move the pool to the other side of the backyard as well, so now our deck will lead straight to the pool and there will be a small grassy area just outside the master).
Standing outside the master (on the left), where there will be French doors...
To the right is the family room, which will have large multi-slide doors that open up entirely to the backyard...
Ceilings in the master - every room has different angled ceilings, which really opens up the space a bit. {Hayes and Greyson are standing in our closet} 
Kitchen - pony wall between kitchen and family room.
Kiddo's bedroom...
Another kiddo's bedroom (these are connected by a jack and jill bathroom and are closed off in their own suite)... 
View of the front entry way from the hallway. The curved door will be to a little courtyard outside the front door, which will give us a bit more privacy and set us back a little from the busy street we're close to.

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