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Thursday, August 13, 2015

twenty six / fifty two

Our future arranged marriages, the boys with Collins and Kensi Carver...
Hayes, four years: ...This morning, when we were watching the news, they were talking about the explosion in China that killed 40+ people. Hayes looked at me and asked me if it had really happened, to which I responded, yes, but that it happened really far away in another country called China. "Oh, you mean Chinatown?" he replied.

Greyson, 20 months: ...We are on the brink of the terrible twos ;-( Our little man has become quite a bit more determined as of late, losing his mind when you go to put him in his high chair or stroller and letting his disdain be known when he doesn't get his way immediately. His brother seems to frustrate him the most, usually when he's playing with something that he won't let Grey have (and Grey wants it NOW), so we're having to play mediator a little bit more to make sure they don't kill each other.
His sweet side still exists though... the other morning when I went to get him from his crib, I paused outside his door to listen to him sing songs to himself. He went through a few rounds of "Happy Birthday to You", singing it to his cousin Gus and our nanny Lolo, who's birthdays happened to be last week. Melted my heart!

Wanna sneak peak into why our neighbors must hate us at the Palazzo? Here's a typical bathtime around our place:

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