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Thursday, September 24, 2015

twenty eight / fifty two

Hayes, 4.5 years: ...he's very interested in what the "new little baby" is up to in there and is constantly touching my tummy, telling me it's getting bigger and asking what size the baby is this week (for those interested, week 17 is a turnip). He was also fascinated when I told him that the baby could hear what was going on outside so he'll talk to it (through my belly button, naturally) and then stick his head on my belly to see if he can hear anything in return. It's fun seeing him so interested in his new little brother or sister because he was obviously so young when I was pregnant with Greyson that I don't think he really remembers much. I have no doubt he'll be an amazing biggest brother ;-)

Greyson, 22 months:... oh, Greyson! Big emotions being felt around here lately. Big, big emotions. Everything is "Grey do it!", "two minutes!", "No!", followed by a very dramatic fall to the ground, full open-mouth-man-cry, my-life-will-end-if-you-make-me-sit-down-and-eat-dinner-with-the-rest-of-the-family! It has been a trying week and Grant and I have been reminded just how patient you have to be with a child his age, trying to let him have control (or think he has control) of certain situations and picking our battles. This means that he has gone without meals (his choice, not ours) and that there's a whole lot of negotiating going on around our house. It's been really fun, let me tell you. Hoping this phase passes quickly but I also know what likely comes next: escaping the crib - and we all remember how fun THAT was!

Grant: ...hi, ho, hi, ho, it's back to work he goes! Grant's accepted a new job at a company called Kochava and will be going back to work next week as the VP of Audience Demand. I won't even attempt to explain what it is he'll be doing but he's excited and I think it'll be a great opportunity for him ;-)

Awkward bump photo - but there is a little bump now, so hopefully people know I'm pregnant and don't just think I've gotten fat.
Chanel: ...17 weeks this week and am feeling pretty good! The nausea seems to have subsided thankfully and besides making mama a little more tired then usual (which means I'm happily climbing into bed at 9:30p and indulging in naps when I can), the turnip is being pretty easy on me. Hoping the honeymoon trimester lasts well into the third trimester - can't believe I'm almost halfway there!

Esther: ...we have a roof! And windows! And a never-ending list of additional costs that's making us feel super poor! I now understand what people mean when they say that you'll always go over-budget when building a house - ain't that the truth! But I think it's going to be AWESOME and this whole design process has been a lot of fun so far. They're expecting the house to be ready by the end of the year; we're hoping to stretch that to mid-January in order to avoid having too many months of having to pay a mortgage and an over-priced lease, but obviously sooner is better than later, especially with el bambino due in early March. 

It's hard to see the progress that's been made over the last couple of weeks because most of it is boring stuff like plumbing and electrical but here are some shots to give you an idea of how it's coming along, as well as some snaps Grant took when we were picking out tiles with our designer the other day.

So excited to see it all come together and it's going to be amazing once we're living there. I'm most excited for the boys to have a yard to run around in again - living in an apartment is tough, especially when they close the pool to do repairs for basically the entire time you've signed a lease for. 
But, I digress...

Thursday, September 17, 2015


Hayes catching some extra shut-eye on his way to school the other morning...
...he is obsessed with police, even going so far as to request his next birthday party be held at a Police Museum (sadly, they don't do that) or at least be a police-themed affair. Whenever he hears sirens, he asks me what I think is going on, often worried when it's early in the morning that the sound is going to wake everyone up who's sleeping. Yesterday, our nanny, Lauren had to pull over to make room for a speeding ambulance on the street and Hayes asked why she decided to pull over to Grey's side and not his side (Grey sits on the right hand side of her car)!
...that being said, if you ask him what he wants to be when he gets older, it isn't a policeman, rather it's a pilot or security guard (if it's between those two, I'm sure hoping he goes the pilot route!)
...when he watches the news in the morning, he'll often ask me, "Is this really true, Mama?", particularly when seeing the recent images of the fires in California or other natural disasters. He was particularly perturbed with the whole James Blake mistaken-identity arrest last week. He kept repeating, "I can't believe they arrested the wrong guy!".
...last week, the whole family was in the car driving and Grant and I were listening to Hayes entertain Greyson in the backseat with a variety of songs. Turns out, he was itching to do a duet, for all of a sudden, he exclaimed, "Greyson, hit it!" Died.
...he is a very protective big brother, always concerned for Greyson's well-being. Last week, we had a doctor's appointment and the boys had to get some shots. Hayes was a little upset when I first told him he'd be getting poked, but after I explained why we get vaccinations, he understood that it was an unpleasant necessity of life. When we asked him who wanted to go first, he said, "I do, so I can show Greyson how brave I can be and so he's not scared." True to his word, he took his shots like a champ and didn't shed a single tear (wish I could say the same about his little brother!)
...he gets pretend phone calls from his friends Theo and Ollie all day and all night long. He'll often whip out his hand and angrily answer the "phone" saying, "Ugh why is Theo calling me?!?!". Grey has started doing the same thing and I chuckle every time.
...there is caution tape all over our apartment. Part of living with a police officer, I suppose!
...he poos every single night during dinner, without fail.

...he's been pretty opinionated since he was a babe, but lately he's been expressing his opinions with words, which is hilarious. He hates the car (still - ugh!) so I'll frequently hear him shout in between sobs, "Grey NO LIKE THAT!!". Or last weekend when we were watching Hayes at soccer, Grant sat down next to me on the blanket I'd laid out in the exact spot Greyson had been sitting a few minutes prior. All of a sudden, Greyson's plopped down, scooching his butt back and trying to push Grant off the blanket saying, "Grey seat! Grey seat!".
...instead of saying "peak-a-boo", he says "pee-pee-boo!"
...we started noticing a couple of months ago that he would do this weird thing sometimes where he would get all intense and engage all of his muscles in his face, neck and hands and start shaking. We started calling it 'Creeper Face' and now he does it on demand.
...whenever you tell him something that seemingly comes to a surprise to him, he'll say, "oh...haha" as if saying oh, duh!
...he's obsessed with cookies and milkshakes. If you ask him what he wants for dinner, he'll say cookies. Yesterday he was pretending to make lunch in the little house at school and when I asked him what he was making, he said - you guessed it - "cookies!"
...sometimes, he'll just break out into a dance, throwing his arms wildly in front of his body, running back and forth. Kid can definitely feel the rhythm of the beat!
...the other day when I asked him if he needed help, he responded, "No problem, I got it!"
...anytime you ask him where Grant is or has been, he responds, "Vegas baby, yee-haw!" Grant went on one trip to Vegas months ago and it's stuck!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Chowdah and Lobstah Galore!

We spent an extended Labor Day weekend with Grant's fam at an adorable house in Chatham on the Cape. We were there to attend the wedding of Grant's second cousin, once removed (I think? I can never get that right!) but more importantly, to celebrate Nini's birthday and spend some quality time with the Cohen crew.

The boys loved every moment, from the daily trips to the beach, the all-you-can-eat lobster and ice cream (when in Rome!) and the 24/7 attention they got from their doting grandparents, Aunt V and "Uncle" Thomas, and Grant and I enjoyed being able to kick our feet up and relax for a little bit, happily letting the rest of the family take over our normal daily routine.

The wedding festivities were top-notch, from the authentic lobster clambake rehearsal dinner (ever gone for seconds on a whole lobster? Well, Grant has!) to the scenic ceremony officiated by the bride and groom's brother and sister (a first for me and really one of the best ceremonies/wedding roasts I've ever been to) to a fun reception (even for this sober prego) and just about the most perfect post-wedding brunch you've ever seen. The boys came to everything except for the actual wedding so it was nice to be able to include them and they were honestly on their best behavior (as Grandma Nini says, as long as your kids show well, you're doing something right!). 

Picture perfect rehearsal dinner...
Grey Grey not too sure about the lobster...
The fam jam...
I think I might have had lobster on four of the six days we were there, only restricting myself after learning that it's a moderate mercury fish (so really hoping 'Trey', as we're affectionately calling #3 doesn't come out with 8 eyeballs!). Uncle Thomas and Pa literally had clam chowder for every meal, I think, and Pa and I had a running competition on who's belly was bigger throughout the week (sorry Pa, I think you won by a longshot!).

It was a lovely vacation - the perfect way to end summer and we got back feeling refreshed and ready to take on the new school year. 

Here are some more pics for your viewing enjoyment ;-)

14 week bump...
Greyson assuming his ball boy duties...
I mean, where did my little baby go?!
Happy birthday Nini!
Pit stop at Camp Bournedale, Grant's old sleepaway camp...
Boys even got a ride from the old camp owner...
Jet Blue pilots are seriously the nicest. They let both boys sit in the cockpit and assured me that they could push whatever buttons they'd like (?!?!)...
Have you ever seen Greyson more stoked? Sure glad I wasn't a passenger on the next flight!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Party of 5!

The news has hit the world wide webs, but for those of you who haven't been following along, Hayes and Greyson have a very big announcement to make:

Yep, that's right! The final act of the circus that is the Cohen Family will be debuting in early March 2016 when Hayes gets promoted to biggest brother and Greyson finally gets a little of his own to boss around ;-)
After getting over the initial shock (trust us, we were as surprised as you are!) we are excited to make our family complete with it's newest member. We've decided not to find out this time, convinced that we'll be happy with another little guy or pleasantly surprised with a little girl (this mama's pretty convinced it's another boy though!). Grant never wanted to find out with the first two and I always felt like I had deprived him of life's greatest surprise so this is my way of making it up to him - plus, I'm actually finding it kind of fun not knowing what it is...

The little bean has been kind of rough on it's old mom for the first trimester and every time I think the nausea is gone for good, it rears it's ugly head again but I don't think it's any worse than Greyson was and luckily I have minimal symptoms otherwise. {Greyson was not a fun pregnancy!} My biggest problem is that the two aversions I seem to have are to the smell of the apartment we're living in (not much we can do about that!) and the smell of my go-to stretch mark oil, which costs a fortune but has carried me through two pregnancies with nary a trace of those awful silvery streaks so I'm not really wanting to fix something that ain't broke!

Fun fact: the due date is 3/2, which is the same due date as I was originally given for Hayes. I'm also living in the same apartment complex I was living in when I was pregnant with Hayes and I'll be moving when I'm 9 months pregnant. Isn't that weirdly coincidental?!

I broke down and started wearing maternity jeans this week (I hadn't worn jeans in a month and missed them terribly!) and besides my normal prego craving of iced green tea, the strangest and strongest ones I've had so far are for Chinese food and red meat. I'm passed out in bed by 9:30p at the latest these days and visiting the loo at least 3 times a night - so basically, I've been a really exciting person to be around this summer!

Anyways, I'm a little nervous about the prospect of caring for 3 who are so close in age, especially since I'm solo with them a few days a week sans our super nanny, who didn't even skip a beat when we told her I was pregnant (please don't ever leave us, Lauren!), but Hayes has reassured me that he can help me take care of two babies (he's including Greyson in that count - so relieved the bean is a singleton!), but that that's it, he can't care for 10! Duly noted my dear!

We'll keep you posted on the progress but happy to finally be able to share our exciting news with you all!

Already distinguishing itself from it's brothers, who were both facing the other way during their 12 week ultrasound...

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Hi ho, hi ho, it's back to school we go!

The boys went back to school this morning, Hayes in his final year as a Pea Pod and Greyson in his first year as a Panda Bear.
We sure were missing our front steps at Livonia this morning. This bench in the hallway of the Palazzo isn't quite the same ;-(
Hayes was pretty excited, albeit a little nervous, I think, to be going back without his good buddy, Theo. We were 20 minutes late (parent fail) so it was a little hectic getting him settled and feeling like we were disrupting the whole class who was well immersed in circle time by the time we got there, but I think it might have helped a little as he didn't have too much time to think about it. He'll be going 3 days a week again this year, but will stay for a Developmental Kindergarten program so will be there from 9-2:30. That's a long day!
Totally killing it... (side note, Greyson refused to take a picture by this sign, too much to see and do!)
Greyson didn't know what he was in for but when I left him there with Grant (who sweetly took him to his first day since this mama needed to go to work), he looked like he was in hog heaven, riding all of the cars, playing with the water - finally some time for Grey to play for longer than the 5 minutes it takes to pick Hayes up! I think the little guy has been ready for school for quite some time and so I was excited for him this morning, even though it felt weird to say that both of our babies were in school! Greyson will go to this parent/nanny & me class on Wednesday mornings from 9:15-11:15a, which our nanny Lauren will mostly take him to but I'm hoping to be able to sneak away from work every so often to take him myself ;-)