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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Hi ho, hi ho, it's back to school we go!

The boys went back to school this morning, Hayes in his final year as a Pea Pod and Greyson in his first year as a Panda Bear.
We sure were missing our front steps at Livonia this morning. This bench in the hallway of the Palazzo isn't quite the same ;-(
Hayes was pretty excited, albeit a little nervous, I think, to be going back without his good buddy, Theo. We were 20 minutes late (parent fail) so it was a little hectic getting him settled and feeling like we were disrupting the whole class who was well immersed in circle time by the time we got there, but I think it might have helped a little as he didn't have too much time to think about it. He'll be going 3 days a week again this year, but will stay for a Developmental Kindergarten program so will be there from 9-2:30. That's a long day!
Totally killing it... (side note, Greyson refused to take a picture by this sign, too much to see and do!)
Greyson didn't know what he was in for but when I left him there with Grant (who sweetly took him to his first day since this mama needed to go to work), he looked like he was in hog heaven, riding all of the cars, playing with the water - finally some time for Grey to play for longer than the 5 minutes it takes to pick Hayes up! I think the little guy has been ready for school for quite some time and so I was excited for him this morning, even though it felt weird to say that both of our babies were in school! Greyson will go to this parent/nanny & me class on Wednesday mornings from 9:15-11:15a, which our nanny Lauren will mostly take him to but I'm hoping to be able to sneak away from work every so often to take him myself ;-)

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