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Thursday, September 17, 2015


Hayes catching some extra shut-eye on his way to school the other morning...
...he is obsessed with police, even going so far as to request his next birthday party be held at a Police Museum (sadly, they don't do that) or at least be a police-themed affair. Whenever he hears sirens, he asks me what I think is going on, often worried when it's early in the morning that the sound is going to wake everyone up who's sleeping. Yesterday, our nanny, Lauren had to pull over to make room for a speeding ambulance on the street and Hayes asked why she decided to pull over to Grey's side and not his side (Grey sits on the right hand side of her car)!
...that being said, if you ask him what he wants to be when he gets older, it isn't a policeman, rather it's a pilot or security guard (if it's between those two, I'm sure hoping he goes the pilot route!)
...when he watches the news in the morning, he'll often ask me, "Is this really true, Mama?", particularly when seeing the recent images of the fires in California or other natural disasters. He was particularly perturbed with the whole James Blake mistaken-identity arrest last week. He kept repeating, "I can't believe they arrested the wrong guy!".
...last week, the whole family was in the car driving and Grant and I were listening to Hayes entertain Greyson in the backseat with a variety of songs. Turns out, he was itching to do a duet, for all of a sudden, he exclaimed, "Greyson, hit it!" Died.
...he is a very protective big brother, always concerned for Greyson's well-being. Last week, we had a doctor's appointment and the boys had to get some shots. Hayes was a little upset when I first told him he'd be getting poked, but after I explained why we get vaccinations, he understood that it was an unpleasant necessity of life. When we asked him who wanted to go first, he said, "I do, so I can show Greyson how brave I can be and so he's not scared." True to his word, he took his shots like a champ and didn't shed a single tear (wish I could say the same about his little brother!)
...he gets pretend phone calls from his friends Theo and Ollie all day and all night long. He'll often whip out his hand and angrily answer the "phone" saying, "Ugh why is Theo calling me?!?!". Grey has started doing the same thing and I chuckle every time.
...there is caution tape all over our apartment. Part of living with a police officer, I suppose!
...he poos every single night during dinner, without fail.

...he's been pretty opinionated since he was a babe, but lately he's been expressing his opinions with words, which is hilarious. He hates the car (still - ugh!) so I'll frequently hear him shout in between sobs, "Grey NO LIKE THAT!!". Or last weekend when we were watching Hayes at soccer, Grant sat down next to me on the blanket I'd laid out in the exact spot Greyson had been sitting a few minutes prior. All of a sudden, Greyson's plopped down, scooching his butt back and trying to push Grant off the blanket saying, "Grey seat! Grey seat!".
...instead of saying "peak-a-boo", he says "pee-pee-boo!"
...we started noticing a couple of months ago that he would do this weird thing sometimes where he would get all intense and engage all of his muscles in his face, neck and hands and start shaking. We started calling it 'Creeper Face' and now he does it on demand.
...whenever you tell him something that seemingly comes to a surprise to him, he'll say, "oh...haha" as if saying oh, duh!
...he's obsessed with cookies and milkshakes. If you ask him what he wants for dinner, he'll say cookies. Yesterday he was pretending to make lunch in the little house at school and when I asked him what he was making, he said - you guessed it - "cookies!"
...sometimes, he'll just break out into a dance, throwing his arms wildly in front of his body, running back and forth. Kid can definitely feel the rhythm of the beat!
...the other day when I asked him if he needed help, he responded, "No problem, I got it!"
...anytime you ask him where Grant is or has been, he responds, "Vegas baby, yee-haw!" Grant went on one trip to Vegas months ago and it's stuck!

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