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Thursday, September 24, 2015

twenty eight / fifty two

Hayes, 4.5 years: ...he's very interested in what the "new little baby" is up to in there and is constantly touching my tummy, telling me it's getting bigger and asking what size the baby is this week (for those interested, week 17 is a turnip). He was also fascinated when I told him that the baby could hear what was going on outside so he'll talk to it (through my belly button, naturally) and then stick his head on my belly to see if he can hear anything in return. It's fun seeing him so interested in his new little brother or sister because he was obviously so young when I was pregnant with Greyson that I don't think he really remembers much. I have no doubt he'll be an amazing biggest brother ;-)

Greyson, 22 months:... oh, Greyson! Big emotions being felt around here lately. Big, big emotions. Everything is "Grey do it!", "two minutes!", "No!", followed by a very dramatic fall to the ground, full open-mouth-man-cry, my-life-will-end-if-you-make-me-sit-down-and-eat-dinner-with-the-rest-of-the-family! It has been a trying week and Grant and I have been reminded just how patient you have to be with a child his age, trying to let him have control (or think he has control) of certain situations and picking our battles. This means that he has gone without meals (his choice, not ours) and that there's a whole lot of negotiating going on around our house. It's been really fun, let me tell you. Hoping this phase passes quickly but I also know what likely comes next: escaping the crib - and we all remember how fun THAT was!

Grant: ...hi, ho, hi, ho, it's back to work he goes! Grant's accepted a new job at a company called Kochava and will be going back to work next week as the VP of Audience Demand. I won't even attempt to explain what it is he'll be doing but he's excited and I think it'll be a great opportunity for him ;-)

Awkward bump photo - but there is a little bump now, so hopefully people know I'm pregnant and don't just think I've gotten fat.
Chanel: ...17 weeks this week and am feeling pretty good! The nausea seems to have subsided thankfully and besides making mama a little more tired then usual (which means I'm happily climbing into bed at 9:30p and indulging in naps when I can), the turnip is being pretty easy on me. Hoping the honeymoon trimester lasts well into the third trimester - can't believe I'm almost halfway there!

Esther: ...we have a roof! And windows! And a never-ending list of additional costs that's making us feel super poor! I now understand what people mean when they say that you'll always go over-budget when building a house - ain't that the truth! But I think it's going to be AWESOME and this whole design process has been a lot of fun so far. They're expecting the house to be ready by the end of the year; we're hoping to stretch that to mid-January in order to avoid having too many months of having to pay a mortgage and an over-priced lease, but obviously sooner is better than later, especially with el bambino due in early March. 

It's hard to see the progress that's been made over the last couple of weeks because most of it is boring stuff like plumbing and electrical but here are some shots to give you an idea of how it's coming along, as well as some snaps Grant took when we were picking out tiles with our designer the other day.

So excited to see it all come together and it's going to be amazing once we're living there. I'm most excited for the boys to have a yard to run around in again - living in an apartment is tough, especially when they close the pool to do repairs for basically the entire time you've signed a lease for. 
But, I digress...

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