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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

My Loves... Nursery Edition

The bean is going to have a lot of hand-me downs, whether it's a boy or a girl. If it's a boy, it'll be using round five of some items of clothing his brothers and cousins have used (oy!). If it's a girl, the fact that she has twin girly cousins will come in handy. So either way we're set in the clothing department and I figure if by some odd chance it is a she, until she's old enough to request dolls and other feminine playthings, the hand-me down toys her brothers have will do just fine!

The one place I would like to have a little bit of fun with is the bean's nursery. Since we aren't finding out the sex until the baby is born, I need to decorate under the gender neutral guidelines, but I think I can still have some fun with it and add some boyish or girlish finishing touches after he/she arrives.

These are some of the things that have caught my eye lately...

 How adorable are these animal nursery prints? Living in California, we can't hang anything above the bean's crib for fear of earthquakes happening while the little one sleeps, but I got crafty when I was pregnant with Grey Grey and mounted some cute prints on some thick stock and I think I could do the same with these. Bonus points for these ones on etsy since they're a fraction of the price of similar ones I found on RH Baby (and pretty much identical, although a little smaller and sans frame...).
 I've been eyeing this small shop on etsy, iviebaby since I was pregnant with Greyson and am obsessed with the designs she has for sheets, bumpers, changing pad covers, boppy covers, you name it! Thinking after going through two kids, it's time for an upgrade to our changing pad cover and while the design above skews slightly feminine, I think it could work for a fashion forward little lad. Come to think of it, we'll likely have to get a whole new changing pad situation since Greyson will still be in diapers when the baby arrives (gulp!).

I've always loved these life-sized giraffes (this one's from Pottery Barn Kids) and think they would be a nice addition to a nursery or playroom for many years to come.

 I underestimated the importance of having a comfortable chair when I was pregnant with Greyson and cursed myself every night when I was sitting in the very nice-looking but not-so-comfortable chair we purchased for his nursery. I stumbled upon this gem at West Elm last week and took it for a test-sit and was in love. Bonus points for being sleek enough to use in a room that isn't meant for baby. In fact, they don't even market it as a glider for a nursery!

 Love this ceramic garden stool as a side table and would totally use one like this for a simple nursery side table.

A glider in a nursery needs an ottoman and what's cuter than this adorable shaggy sequin cube pouf from West Elm? Reminds me of the decor at our favorite hotel in Palm Springs, The Parker...

How cute is this gender-neutral teepee where baby bean can play for years to come? And it's so stylish that I wouldn't mind at all displaying it in other more heavily trafficked areas of the home.

I feel a craft project coming on... These spray-painted gold plastic animal heads are mounted on thicker paper stock and framed. They'd go swimmingly with the other animal heads I'd like to use as decor and would be a fun and cheap project to do with Hayes...

Finally, this would have to be an add-on at the end in the odd-chance that the bean is a little lady (I'm not holding my breath!) but if it's a she, there's got to be some gold and pink involved and I think this would look absolutely darling hung across the wall somewhere. And if not for the baby, maybe I can find somewhere to put it for me if I reign the queen of the castle!

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