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Thursday, October 15, 2015

thirty / fifty two

Hayes, age 4: ...He has a new buddy at school, Santiago, who he's been talking about nonstop. Apparently he likes this little Latin fellow because Santi is always up for a good game of policeman. Yesterday, I took the boys to their school field trip to the pumpkin patch and talk about feeling like old news! Hayes wanted NOTHING to do with Greyson and me, happily chasing Santiago around the straw maze and holding meetings in the center "jail cell". A good thing actually, since this mama had her hands full with the Grey man and it was about a thousand degrees outside!
The "jail cell"...
A little happier, hamming it up for the camera at the pumpkin patch...
Greyson, age 23 months: ...I'm counting down the days until we can turn his car seat around in the car. Poor guy still faces backwards and absolutely hates any time spent in transit, screaming and crying the entire time. It takes every ounce of my pregnant being to force him in there and I dread having to take him anywhere these days. I'm praying that facing him forward (which we'll do when he turns two) will help, but am a little concerned that no matter what way he faces, unless he's sitting in the driver's seat where he can start the engine and honk the horn, he's not going to be satisfied ;-(

In other news, both boys have been sick with bronchitis this week - and have unfortunately passed something along to their old mama, although I've thankfully yet to develop the nasty hacking cough that's been plaguing our home for the past month. Not hard to see how germs are shared around here when you see pictures like this one I snapped of the brothers watching TV the other day (I swear this wasn't staged!)...


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