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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

thirty one / fifty two

Hayes and his teacher Stacey at their pre-school Fall Festival...
Hayes, age 4: ...We are basically living with a full-blown police officer these days. He wears his uniform all the time, lounging around the house, out to brunch and dinner. Last weekend, he made Grant go out and buy him a tie so he could wear that when his uniform was taking a rest. He's obsessed with the color blue and asks us questions all day about police officers - what do they do on their day off? Do they like chocolate milk? Do they have blue eyes? Do they sleep in their underwear? 
When we went to our go-to Mexican joint at the Farmer's Market last week for dinner, Grant ordered the boys a chicken quesadilla, which Hayes was none-too-pleased with when he found out it wasn't his standard cheese. Grant explained that this was a special quesadilla that was filled with protein - something police officers ate to give them energy on the job. After hearing that, not only did he gobble up his "quesadilla with protein", but on Monday, when him and Nini went there for dinner, he requested the same thing. I'm thinking I could for sure be using this tactic in my favor for a variety of things I'd like Hayes to do ;-)

Greyson in his happy place, driving the ambulance at Zimmer Museum...
Greyson, age 23 months: ...We are continuing to be challenged on the regular with Mr. Independent, as I like to call him, trying to stay patient and understanding of his big two-year old emotions. He's particularly attached to Grant these days, which I think is probably a good thing with the bean en route and all. I had the pleasure of spending the whole day with him one-on-one on Monday while Hayes was at school and then with Nini for the afternoon and it was like being with a different child. So lucky to be able to have that solo time with both boys as the time with them is entirely different when they aren't competing for attention.

Where's Greyson?
Oh, there he is!
The Bean, 22 weeks: ...Baby is the size of a spaghetti squash this week, which I thought was huge (especially if you saw the size of the spaghetti squash we're having for dinner tonight - Grant basically needed a machete to cut through it!), until I looked ahead and saw that next week, it's going to be the size of a mango (huh?). We had our 3D anatomy scan last week and the little thing is pretty photogenic, if I do say so myself! 

Major boy vibes on my part, but friends and family seem to be split down the middle.

Esther: ...It's been a few weeks since I posted any photos of the progress so I snapped some the other day when we were there. 

Fireplaces are in... this one is in the living room.
H standing in front of the laundry room...
View from the kitchen to the family room. We'll have built-ins around the fireplace in here...
Our glorious Western Sliders. The ones on the left open all the way to the left and the ones on the right all the way to the right...
Another view of the living room fireplace and windows...
Hallway... To the right of where Hayes is running will be built-in storage...
Very large front door, which will be painted black.
Exterior shot...
Silly boys ;-)
The insulation is all in now so next up is the dry-wall. Our doors have arrived, including the back sliders that we splurged on that open up the entire family room to the backyard. Everything looks great and we're so excited to see it coming all together.
Target date to close is January 11th, 2016 so fingers crossed El Nino stays away for another few months so we can finish up with no hiccups. That'll give us about 6 weeks to get moved in and ready before baby arrives (yikes!).

We've got a weekend of fun Halloween festivities planned for Officer Hayes and his little convict, Greyson starting with Hayes' favorite day of the year tomorrow, my office Halloween party. For actual Halloween, we'll be going to a friend's house with a bunch of other families and taking Greyson on his very first trick or treat, which I'm sure he'll absolutely love.

Cops and Robbers, Halloween 2015
 Happy Halloween!

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