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Thursday, October 8, 2015

twenty nine / fifty-two

Hayes, age 4: ...The fascination with policemen continues... Last week, I flew to Scottsdale solo with the boys (and survived - supermom moment!) and when we got to the airport, Hayes pulled out a police badge he had made at school. He proceeded to show the badge to every TSA and police officer he came into contact with and lucked out by finding a generous soul who happened to have the coveted TSA sticker badge we've only seen once before (at a kids play area at the Boston airport, all torn and tattered but was promptly affixed to Hayes' t-shirt and made the journey back to LA with us). It was because of this TSA sticker he received that I think Hayes felt the need to make every single TSA and police officer at the Phoenix Sky Harbor airport their very own 'Security' badge, which he gave out to each and every one of them as we made our way through the airport on Sunday afternoon. His reasoning? "B/c they're so nice to us, we should be nice to them!" Definitely the TSA's biggest fan, right there!

Greyson, 22 months: ...His new favorite word is 'shit'. (shit!) He'll say it out of the blue, with a sly smile because he knows he shouldn't be uttering it aloud. This morning when he said it, I said, "No Greyson, we don't say that word. We can say 'Shoot!'" and he responded "No say shit... shoot!" Oy.

Our baby bean, 19 weeks: ...It's hard to know what to call this little one because of the whole unknown sex mystery. Trey, which is Grant's preferred nomenclature is confusing as people just assume it's a boy and that his real name is 'Trey'. Greyson was 'Peanut' so that's been used. It's really the size of a bell pepper this week so way bigger than a bean... So, who knows! All I know is that I had an utrasound on Tuesday and the baby looks just perfect. It was moving all around, kicking it's perfect little legs and showing us it's perfect little feet. I couldn't help but look really closely at where I thought the nether regions might be but it wasn't giving us any hints so we still have no idea if it's a he or she. It's starting to kind of drive me crazy a little bit so I'm hoping I can make it another 20 weeks before finding out. Here are some pics we got from my doctor's 3D - we have the real 3D anatomy scan in a couple of weeks so hopefully I'll have more to share then...

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