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Monday, November 23, 2015

Greyson's Birthday Celebration

In lieu of a big birthday bash for our tiny two year old, we decided to keep it small and simple and celebrate with just the family + Nini and Pa. Greyson doesn't exactly have a lot of friends yet (sorry, but it's true!) and since we don't have a house to entertain at currently, our options were limited.
Opening pressies in the morning - Hayes picked the winners, a Mickey Mouse fire truck and ball ;-)
Donuts for breakfast...
There's a place nearby called Duff's Cake Mix that I've been dying to try ever since it opened. The concept is simple - you go there and decorate cakes and cupcakes, which you can then eat. Duff is apparently some big Food Network pastry chef, even though he looks like the kind of creature you'd run into at a Cave Creek biker bar. I've looked into going there with Hayes before on one of our Monday afternoon dates, but the packages were always pretty pricey and required decorating like a dozen cupcakes so we've never gone. 

I found a gilt city a few months ago for a half a dozen cupcake package and quickly called to make a reservation for the 15th. And it was perfect - 6 cupcakes (we chose a combo of marble and funfetti) that you get to decorate with frosting, toppings and fondant of your choice. It kept the boys busy for an hour and felt like a festive thing to do for the birthday boy.

We followed it up with dinner at a local pizza joint and it really was the perfect celebration for our little guy.

Happy birthday Greyson, we love you!

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