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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Halloween 2015

This year was one of the best Halloweens yet, with both boys understanding what the awesome holiday is all about and embracing it big time. 

It seemed as if it went on forever, mostly because we started celebrating way back at the beginning of October when we were at my parents' house in Scottsdale. But every time those little plastic buckets would start to run low on Halloween candy, there was a new Halloween event that replenished the supply ;-)

Hayes, of course was a police officer (duh!) so Greyson was, naturally, a convict on the loose, which actually fit their little personalities just perfectly. 

We kicked off the official festivities with my office Halloween party on Thursday, also known as Hayes' favorite day of the year when he gets to come see me at work. I'm pretty sure he thinks my office always has a bouncy castle on the basketball court, cotton candy machine and a train that takes you around the agency - and I'll let him be none the wiser!

On actual Halloween, we started off the trick-or-treating on our new street since the houses there seem to go all out with the decorations (total opposite to Livonia where our one trick-or-treater in our entire 4 years of living there was an arranged affair with our neighbor where we gave him the Dove chocolates you'd find in your grandmother's purse as they were apparently kosher!). We met some of our neighbors, who were so friendly and welcoming and who got us even more excited to move in in a couple of months.

We then headed to a friend from school's house who had quite the Halloween crew over - about 5 families from our pre-school, which resulted in about 12 kids. They got a bouncy castle and after trick-or-treating, the kids ran wild while the grown-ups caught up over wine and pizza. The boys had a ball and it was really the perfect Halloween ;-)

We've officially welcomed November around our house with Christmas jammies on and the fire a blazing. This is my absolute favorite time of year and I'm counting down the days until Thanksgiving, when I can start playing Christmas carols and indulging in the holiday spirit!

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