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Monday, December 14, 2015

Life around here lately...

So it seems I've failed at my weekly snapshots of what's going on in our family - looks like that initiative stalled in week 31 - so instead of pretending that I never skipped a month, I figured I'd just give y'all a glimpse into life around here lately.
Hayes is absolutely LOVING the holidays, which couldn't make this mama more proud. He basically decorated the entire Christmas tree himself and every morning, he eagerly runs downstairs to seek out his beloved elf friend, Lobster. He's in full countdown mode, thanks in part to his trusty advent calendar, which he gobbles up every morning after breakfast. And for the past 8 nights, we've lit the menorah, singing a combination of our ABC's, Let it Go or for last night's finale, the Happy Birthday song. When the boys aren't glued to the DVD player in the new car, he's requesting Christmas music - his favorite song being "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree". Oh, and he's watched Home Alone every single day since I tivo'd it at the beginning of December, reciting lines like "Leave it on the doorstep and get the hell out of here!", which is hilarious and slightly cringe-worthy coming out of a 4 year old's mouth. I am absolutely loving seeing the Christmas spirit through his eyes and am a little sad that the big day will be here so soon - oh how I wish I could slow down time...
Greyson is following suit, not quite understanding the whole Christmas hoopla but definitely enjoying the abundance of holiday sweets and festive gatherings we've been attending. Every morning when he wakes up, he demands his advent calendar chocolate - we make him wait until after breakfast...as if that's any better. He knows the words to a variety of Christmas carols; it still astonishes me how communicative this kid is when his brother was basically still mute at the same age. He requests to wear Christmas jammies every night, just not the footed kind - turns out he does NOT like those! And he's super eager to break into the gingerbread house his brother and Grant made at Hayes' school gingerbread house decorating party last week, although Hayes has made it quite clear that it's only for decoration for the time being.
Grant and I are trying to keep up with everything - all of the social engagements (turns out Hayes has a lot of friends with December birthdays!) and millions of last minute decisions that have to be made when putting the finishing touches on a house you built from scratch. We celebrated our 17 year dating anniversary this past Saturday, which unfortunately came and went with little fanfare because of everything else that was going on and because sadly our babysitter, Grandma Nini had a case of appendicitis last week and had to have emergency surgery, poor thing. We intend on going out to a nice dinner this upcoming Saturday and a relatively newish restaurant Republique that we've been dying to try.

On the house front, it's looking like we're {hopefully} going to be closing on Esther in mid-January and moving in shortly thereafter. The house has come together amazingly and with every fixture and coat of paint that goes into the place, our excitement about moving in increases. The backyard and pool won't be done when we start calling Esther home, but that's okay - all this talk of a little thing called El Nino might make the whole needing an outdoor space thing a little unnecessary for the near term so it's not the end of the world. Hoping we'll have about 6 weeks or so to get settled before Baby Cohen gets here (fingers crossed!).

(these are all from a couple weeks ago, but to give you an idea of the progress...)

Exterior - front steps are in now, as well as the outdoor sconces...
Kitchen - countertops, sinks cabinets and subway tile are in now, appliances being installed this weekend - kitchen actually looks a lot different now than it did in this picture! And it will be glorious!
Maybe my favorite room of the house - our master bath - look at those floor tiles - LOVE!
And speaking of Baby Cohen, I'm 30 weeks tomorrow (eek!) and feeling pretty good! The past week or so, I've started to feel a little larger - it's harder to get up off the couch and a little cumbersome to roll over in bed. But overall, not many complaints, which I'm thankful for and I'm happy for the little bean to stay snug as a bug for as long as possible since we are most definitely not ready to add another little monster to the crew at this present moment!
This was taken two weeks ago at 28 weeks..
So that's life around here lately! Lots of holiday shenanigans and shopping, house planning, baby baking - hectic, but fun and it's all going by in a flash. We're off to Scottsdale next week to go see Nana and Papa, which we're all excited for. And for the first time ever, we've elected to stay in this NYE so Grant can watch football and I can likely pass out on the couch at 9pm. I think this means we're officially old...

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