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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Officer Hayes

Hayes has been deep into the whole police thing for a long time now - probably close to 6 months, which is an eternity when talking about the interests of a 4 year old. 

It started with an obsession with anything Paw Patrol. His favorite character was Chase, the police dog and from that, he became interested in anything having to do with the men in blue. 

He {obviously} was a policeman for Halloween and the costume he picked up at Nana and Papa's has definitely gotten it's money's worth and then some. He puts it on as soon as he wakes up and often wears it to brunch and dinner. It's become so routine that it doesn't even phase me anymore and I frequently find myself wondering why strangers are snickering and giving us warm smiles as we walk by them until I remember we're being escorted by a little man in uniform.

This past Friday night, we walked over to the Grove for dinner, like we always do on Friday nights while living at the Palazzo and since we were going to see the old man in red, Hayes, of course, insisted on wearing his uniform. 

We knew it was going to be a memorable evening when as soon as we walked into Nordstroms, we saw 5 or 6 police officers congregating in a circle. Hayes waltzed right up to them to introduce himself and ask what was going on. There had been a shoplifter who had gotten away and they were on the lookout. After a few minutes of chatting, an officer gave him a baseball card and we were on our way to go see Santa.

Greyson insisted on the whole family joining for this year's Santa picture - I'm happy my festive red flats made the pic!

I didn't think the night could get any better - I mean, real police officers on the job, a visit with St Nick where Hayes proceeded to give him the below wishlist - what more could a little boy want?? 

But then we stumbled across a Toys for Tots display that the CHP was putting on, complete with an officer and his motorcycle. The boys were able to sit on the motorcycle and put on the flashing lights, Hayes asked as many questions as he could possibly think of and he was even featured on the local CBS news - our own officer, a celebrity!

Check out his segment here:

I think it was one of the best nights of Hayes' life ;-)

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