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Friday, January 15, 2016


The police costume is still being worn on a daily basis and yesterday, the robber's costume made a return debut. As soon as Greyson put it on, he asked for a treat - smart kid!

This week, we tried two new recipes. One, a fail - Broiled Salmon with Tangy Tarragon Mayo from Keepers - Grant said it was the worst meal I'd made in awhile (something I should probably be offended by but actually appreciate the honesty - it was gross). Probably didn't help that Hayes spent the first half of the meal throwing an epic tantrum about chocolate milk and Greyson ended dinner having to be put to bed early because he was having a meltdown about god knows what. Just one of those meals - they happen and you just gotta laugh about them. I redeemed myself last night by making a seriously yummy Sausage, Red Potato and Spinach Soup, courtesy of Whitney in this year's Delish cookbook. That one will definitely be reappearing in the rotation - unfortunately, we were too eager to eat it to remember to take a pic, but you'll have to take my word for it - it was a goody.

Esther is moving along - we signed some papers extending our loan rate lock so we have a bit of breathing room and have scheduled the move for Monday, 2/1, a little over two weeks from now. Everything is pretty much done at the house - we hoping to get our Certificate of Occupancy next week and pass final inspection on Monday (fingers crossed!). We're down to purchasing the final small items - mailboxes, hand towel rings, those kinds of things - and are super anxious to get moved in and settled. 

Get this... Our extension gives us until January 26 to close on the house, the same day {5 years later} that we closed on Livonia. So to recap the similarities between this pregnancy and Hayzey's:
- same original due date of 3.2 (Hayes was moved up to 2.24, Bean's has been adjusted a day to 3.3)
- lived in the same apartment complex for both
- will be moving almost a month to the day before baby is due
- same exact closing date on the purchase of our new home with each kid.
How weird is that?!

Speaking of the bean, we peeked in on the little thing earlier this week and all is looking well. Baby was head down (yay!) and average to on-the-small side (fine with me!). I got major boy vibes again and we managed to capture a couple pics of the little one who was acting a little shy this time.

We're looking at the side of its face from the top - its hands are in front/kind of tucked underneath the chin and its arm can be seen in the bottom picture.
How squidgy and pudgy does it look?! 

Absolutely perfect. I'm both terrified and excited to meet it in 7 short weeks ;-)

We're laying low this weekend, having our standard Friday evening dinner at the Farmer's Market with the boys tonight and hoping to go see a movie and dinner tomorrow night. Basically trying to enjoy what's bound to be one of our last relaxing weekends for awhile!

Hope you have a good one!


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