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Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

I'm always a little sad when the new year comes, mostly because it means that my favorite holiday of the year is over, but also because I have a strange nostalgia for things of the past that I can't ever experience again (something I've apparently passed onto my four year old who gets teary eyed everytime we talk about how it will never be 2015 again!). 

But the new year also brings on a fresh start of sorts, an excuse to try and live life a little better and make small changes that will hopefully increase your quality of life as a whole. I'm big on resolutions (whether I end up keeping them or not) and find that it helps to write them down somewhere. And what better place than this trusty ole blog?!

So here goes:

...drink more water. Always a resolution of mine, one I have a hard time keeping every.single.year.
...be more organized. Perhaps this is my prego nesting instinct kicking in, but I'm craving some organization in my life. We've been living in what feels like a state of chaos for the last 6 months in this apartment, stacks of papers constantly building up, corners full of boxes and beach bags and purses. When we move, I'm going to try my best to put things away, right away.
...give the kids a better variety of food. We did a better job at this in 2015 when we started eating dinner as a family, but I often feel like their food choices are repetitive, especially in Hayes' lunch box. Come August when the little guy goes to kindergarten, I'm going to have to get creative with lunch 5 days a week (oy!) so better start finding some good staples to add to the rotation now!
...exercise more . I had been doing pretty well with this in '15 with my Cardio Barre addiction, but then I got pregnant and all of that went out the door. I'm giving myself a pass while I create this little life here, but come Springtime, I need to incorporate some sort of exercise into my life again.
...stealing this one from my older sister, Jess as I think it's a great one: cook one new recipe a week. I have a million cookbooks (one of my favorite pastimes is flipping through a good cookbook) and would love to try some new things in the kitchen. Perhaps I'll even be motivated to blog about it?
...be less passive aggressive. This is probably going to be one of my hardest ones, but it's something that bothers me about myself and I know it's probably pretty annoying for Grant to have to deal with (since he gets the brunt of my passive aggressiveness). If something's bothering me, I'll address it directly and move on. I'm thinking this will be especially important this year with the arrival of the baby bean, since those first few months are always a little stressful and fuses tend to run short.

I feel like most of these are doable, even with everything we have going on in our lives in 2016, so wish me luck!

Happy 2016!

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