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Monday, February 22, 2016

She's Here!

Introducing Miss Henley James Cohen...
Born 3 weeks early on Thursday, February 11th, 2016 at 1:03pm; 7 lbs 5.5 oz and 20 inches long.
Daddy and his girl...
We are completely over the moon that our little girl has officially completed our family. Big brothers Hayes and Greyson are doing great in their new promoted roles and so far we are surviving as a family of 5! Hayes is a great caretaker, constantly asking to hold the babe, helping mama pick out her outfits and making sure she has her binky and her tootsies are covered by her blanket. Greyson forgets she's here half the time (honestly, we all do, she sleeps so much!), but when he remembers his little sister, "Baby Henry", he's smitten.
So far, she's been a great baby, snoozin' most of the days away and offering up delicious newborn snuggles to whoever wants them. Nighttime has been a bit more challenging as she refuses to sleep anywhere but on or next to Mama in bed. For now, it's the only way we're getting any sleep - and we're both actually feeling pretty great considering the fact that we have a 10 day old baby - but obviously this isn't scalable long-term and we'll have to toughen up and put her in her crib eventually. 

The little lady really threw me for a loop with her early arrival. Not only was I expecting her to be a March baby, but I was also 100% convinced she was going to be a he! Here's a little bit more about her surprise entrance into the world...

The night before I went into labor, I was up for an hour in the middle of the night dealing with Braxton Hicks. I knew they weren't the real deal, but I woke up that morning in a panic that we didn't have a plan for the boys should I go into labor in the middle of the night. On Wednesday night, before I went to bed, I texted Grant's best friend, Pat and our nanny, Lauren to tell them to keep their cell phones on in the middle of the night moving forward so should something happen, they could be on call to book it to the house to watch the boys when we went to the hospital.

3 hours later, I turned over in bed and after googling "what happens when your water breaks", I realized that my water had, in fact broken. 3 weeks early. 10 days after moving into our new house and 3 days before we were throwing Hayes' 5th birthday party, planned for that particular early date to ensure that I wouldn't be holed up with a newborn (!!!). I was in a panic, sitting in the bathroom bawling my eyes out. Grant was a champ; I hadn't packed a hospital bag or anything so he ran around the house for me packing the essentials while we waited for his dad to drive up from Orange County. 

At that point, I hadn't had any contractions yet and still wasn't 100% sure that my water had broken (perhaps I was just suddenly incontinent?!). I paged my doctor twice and no response (wtf?!). Then a contraction came and we decided we couldn't wait for Grant's dad so we called Uncle Pat and told him to head on over to wait until he arrived. You see, the boys were such speedy labors that we were sure this one would literally fall out of me - we weren't taking any chances!

We checked into Cedars and a few hours later, I got an epidural. Sweet relief, but because the bean wasn't ready to make it's debut yet, I had to endure 4 hours of feeling like a paraplegic, which was really the most uncomfortable part of the whole thing. Finally at noon, it was go-time and after waiting for my damn doctor to finish up her lunch break, I pushed through two contractions and out the baby came.
Traditional 1st sushi meal post-birth...hello tuna, old friend!
This delivery was the most emotional one for me, probably because I knew it would be my last. The relief I felt when I saw the baby is something I can't even describe and when the doctor asked us to look and see what the baby was and it turned out to be a GIRL... well, we were absolutely floored. I still look at her and am amazed that she doesn't have a penis; I was so sure I was going to be a mom of boys and am absolutely in love with our perfect family.

We've spent the last 10 days acclimating to life with three kids and I'm happy to report that we're surviving just fine. A meal train from Hayes and Grey's school has helped immensely - we haven't had to cook at all since we came home from the hospital so that's been great. Grant took off most of last week and our nanny being around was a huge help. But, I did take the baby and Greyson to the park this morning solo (Hayes had school) and it was a success so I'm feeling a bit more confident in my abilities to take care of Hurricane Greyson and a newborn.
Little lady is always smiling in her sleep ;-)
I've got lots of updating to do for you all, including pics of the new house which we are LOVING. I promise to try and check in more often when I can. But for now, just wanted to share the good news that Henley has arrived and everyone is doing great ;-)

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