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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Angel Baby

Look at this squidge and how big she's getting? Where is the time going?!
Henley's getting the most delicious rolls on her legs and arms. I honestly can't get enough and am borderline smothering her the amount of kisses I try and squeeze in during the hours she's awake (which aren't many, not that I'm exactly complaining!).
We literally call her "Angel Baby", it just rolls off the tongue now. Where is Angel Baby? (oops, forgotten on her play mat on the floor again!) How did Angel Baby sleep last night? (every night is different but she's been known to sleep from dream feed to morning without interruption - honestly, her brothers are up more than she is at night) Does Angel Baby need a tub? (no, she never needs one, but she loves her tub so damn much, I hate to deprive her of it!)
She loves her carrier and faces forward mostly now, wanting to be part of the action. I frequently have to ask Hayes if she's awake or asleep since she's so quiet when we're out and about. Often times he'll tell me she "looks like this" and follow it up with a squinty face, eyes not quite open or closed.

And she's started to talk! According to Hayes, she's said "hi" and "apple" (!!). She seems to already be losing interest in nursing (how can that already be!?) and will chatter away instead. Girlfriend has lots to say and I pretend to understand to keep the conversation going. I absolutely love our discussions and hope this is the beginning of a long life of girl talk about absolutely everything under the sun. I often say I feel bad that the boys have each other and Henley won't have a sister, but then follow it up by saying she has me, whether she likes it or not!
But seriously, I feel so lucky that our Angel Baby came into our lives. As most of you know, she wasn't exactly planned, but she has 100% completed our family and we're so glad she's here. I love our boys with all of my heart but a relationship with a daughter just feels a little bit different, even at this young age. 
And her brothers absolutely adore Baby Henry, constantly asking to hold her and burp her and sometimes keeping her company when she's being forgotton on the playmat ;-) I can already tell there's going to be a forcefield around their little sister when it comes to potential suitors and nothing makes me happier than seeing all of my littles together, even if it is mass chaos at our house 99% of the time (but of course, Angel Baby is never to blame for that!).

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