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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Hawaii 2016

This post is super duper late but I didn't want to forgo documenting our favorite trip of the year, 
so better late than never!

My parents were kind enough to let our crazy crew tag along to the Big Island with them in April. Grant and I were smart enough to know that an extra set of hands wouldn't hurt so we invited our amazing nanny, Lolo along (best decision ever, btw). 

Hawaii is amazing. If you haven't been, go. It's good for grown-ups; it's good for children. It's an easy direct flight from LA and although tickets are insanely expensive, between miles, the generous "gift of travel" from my parents at Christmas and the justification that we're staying in an incredible, oceanfront mansion on Waikoloa Beach for free (thanks for that too, Wayne and Penny!), it's worth every additional penny.
The boys snacking with their toes in the sand...
Sunset cocktails at my favorite place on earth (no joke, I'd like my ashes to be scattered here when I die...)...
Because we go for an entire week, we're really able to relax and have a real vacation. Grant and my parents usually spend a few days golfing, but due to an unfortunate shoulder injury on my dad's part, golfing wasn't on the agenda this year. Instead, we spent 7 sun-filled days lying by the pool and going to the beach - with one unsuccessful deep sea fishing excursion thrown in for good measure.

Grant learning how to fish, a skill that unfortunately he didn't get to practice...

Lesson learned: apparently bananas are back luck to bring on fishing boats. Oops!
We left Grey and Henley at home with Lolo and brought along our oldest fisherman, who spent the first half of the trip sitting inside with co-captain Carlton, eating all of the cheetos and trail mix he could get his hands on. The second half of the trip was spent cleaning up his puke after he got violently sea sick. I don't think Hayes is itching to get on a boat again anytime soon ;-(
Looking at the dolphins...
The Big Island could do better in the food department, but since we've been going there every year for the last 8 or so years, we have our 3-4 go-to restaurants we try and hit up every time we're there, mixed in with some nights cooking at home.

The boys had an absolute blast. Hayes picked right up where he left off with his swimming and Greyson wore those puddle jumpers like they were going out of style. Their favorite part of the trip was the giant Hawaiian shaved ice they enjoyed at the snack shack at our favorite beach.
Building sandcastles...
I'm not sure how *relaxing* of a trip it was for Wayne and Penny - I think sometimes the boys are a little too wild for their liking - but they tolerated it like champs and hopefully enjoyed spending the time with their grandkids, because I know their grandkids enjoyed spending the time with them. 
And Angel Baby... boy did she live up to her name! She slept the entire way on the plane there and back and every afternoon, she'd snooze on a lounge chair poolside for, no joke, 5 HOURS! Little lady also took her first swim and donned some absolutely adorable resort wear ;-)

Here are some more pics from our trip...

Lunch with the dolphins...
I mean!
Until next year, Hawaii - counting down the days!

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