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Monday, June 6, 2016

Bucket List: Outdoor Movie

LA does these amazing outdoor screenings of movies during the summer months at a variety of places. They're usually older classic movies (we've taken Hayes to screenings of The Sandlot and Karate Kid in the past) and you just go with some lawn chairs and blankets and set up shop on the grass, enjoying food from the food trucks while you watch the movie under the stars. 
Snuggling under the blanket watching the movie...
On Saturday night, we took the boys over to our local park for an outdoor screening of The Sandlot. This one was a little smaller than the ones we've attended in the past, with everything being sponsored by local business (read: free for attendees). We had very little expectations for Greyson to be able to sit through the flick, but because it was free and literally 2 minutes from our house, we didn't care too much about everyone sitting down and watching the movie. It was really the experience of it all that we were hoping to enjoy.
Grey helping himself to his 100th red vine while Hayes waited for his third helping of cotton candy. Responsible parenting at it's finest!
We got a sitter for Angel Baby (thanks to Grant's cousin, Mackenzie!) and picked up yummy burritos and quesadillas en route. There was cotton candy, popcorn, hot chocolate and buckets of red vines that the boys treated like an all-you-can-eat buffet. Hayes literally had a tummy ache when he went to bed that night and I had visions of projectile vomit a la the Steve Martin movie Parenthood happening, although thankfully it did not.

The boys maybe sat through half of the movie, then spent the last half running around the park and watching from the bleachers by the baseball field. It was a little chilly, but such a fun and unique to LA thing to do. And this one was especially fun because it was a lot smaller than others we've been to so it really made us feel like we were at a neighborhood event at our local park.
Bucket list item: Go to an Outdoor Movie - check!

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