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Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Totally stealing this from one of my favorite blogs (which I tend to do often - steal things - but at least I'm honest about where they're coming from!). Here's a snapshot into my mind as of late...

Making: root beer floats for the boys this past weekend - it was their first time having them and they loved it. And who wouldn't? A big 'ole scoop of full fat vanilla ice cream enveloped in sweet, spiced root beer... I should have made one for myself!
Cooking: Really trying to make good on my new years resolution to cook a new recipe every week. Some weeks are better than others.
Sunday night (which has somehow become burger night during the summer), I made a homemade version of the famous LA Father's Office burger (and it was delish, if I do say so myself).
Last night, I made a light lemony cappellini using a recipe from Delish 2015.
And later this week, I'm going to make a new fave brussels recipe for the second time in 2 weeks and try out the fancy cauliflower recipe from Mad Hungry.
Drinking: Starbucks Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew. Obsessed is an understatement.
Reading: Not much of anything lately (just so tired at night!), but want to pick up a good book for our trip to the Cape in a couple of weeks. I loved this blog post by author Victoria Fedden so much, I'm wondering if I would find her book equally as hilarious.
Wanting: a  new wardrobe. So tired of my (tired) clothes and after 5 years being pregnant on and off, my closet is in major need of a makeover.
Looking: at our pool. My new favorite place to sit at home is with my feet up on our lounge chaise. One click of a button retracts our awning, giving us shade when the sun is stifling and sun when the urge to tan strikes. I almost feel like I'm on vacation...
Playing: Pandora round the clock.
Eating: this delicious peach crumble I made - it's restaurant quality excellent.
Wishing: that I could freeze time.
Enjoying: our nightly family hot tub (after Baby Henry goes to sleep), sometimes with cocktails and apps, sometimes without. New favorite part of the day.
Loving: our new turf. It is amazing how much less yelling and more patience you have towards your kids when they have the freedom to roam outside and after being without a backyard for almost an entire year, we couldn't appreciate it more. We also splurged and put the turf in the front and it has made the Cohen Cabana look 10 times better.
Needing: to start working out more. I did my first Cardio Barre class in almost a year last weekend and forgot how much I loved it. I've barely been able to walk since (in a good way!), but it's gotten me motivated to get back to some sort of work-out regime. Think I'll give Class Pass a go and see how much I use it; it seems right up my alley.
Smelling: sunscreen on the kiddos - they smell like vacation ;-)
Feeling: a little nervous for next year - kinder for Hayes, pre-school for Greyson. Lots of changes and I'm freaking out a little that they're growing so quickly!
Wearing: DVF simple black skirt, classic grey tee from The Gap and a strappy Steve Madden chunky heel. My wardrobe is slightly limited due still nursing the babe and having to pump a couple times a day at work, so I'm restricted to mainly jeans and tees or skirts and tees when I'm feeling fancy!
Following: middleclassfancy on instagram. You're welcome.
Reminiscing: about our date night last weekend at Cassia. The food was to.die.for, especially their chickpea curry dip with grilled naan.
Bookmarking: anything to do with family friendly activities and restaurants in Austin. We're going in August with friends (there will be 8 adults and 9 kids under one roof - lordy!) and I'm starting to look into plans. Any recos, send my way!

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