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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Henley James Cohen: Superstar!

I'm playing catch up a little bit now that I'm back at work and wanted to finally share the amazing photos we had taken of our sweet baby girl, by the very talented Diana Henderson.
Diana took photos of Grey Grey (click here) when he was a babe and I so wish I had known about her when Hayes was born. She simply is the best.
She comes armed with props galore; backdrops, floordrops, diaper covers, headbands, chairs, mini-beds - you name it, the woman has it. She's amazing with kids of all ages, getting finicky toddlers to laugh at the precise right moment (using none other than a fart machine of all things - I'm telling you, the woman thinks of everything!), aiming her space heater and using the most gentle touch to make your sleepy newborn comfortable and mold them into the perfect position. She doesn't pull any of that BS photographers like to pull, where you only get five 5x7 images for an astronomical fee - the total includes everything she takes, in addition to some retouched photos (but honestly, I had a hard time choosing any photos that even needed retouching). 
My absolute fave shot - we're gonna hang this one in the hallway between the kiddos rooms.
Anyways, I can't sing her praises enough, but I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. So happy we have these to look back on for years to come. I'm totally obsessed.
We wanted to incorporate some of our favorite things in our new house so this one was taken in our master bath. We actually didn't use a whole lot of floor drops, opting instead to use our wood floors.
Grey Grey not so sure...
Whenever I tell people Henley has two older brothers, they all have the same reaction. Future boyfriends better watch out!
One of our dining room chairs...
It is really challenging to get a pre-schooler and toddler to cooperate in a photo shoot.
This kid smiles more in her sleep than anyone I've ever met...

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