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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Kid Comparison at almost 5 Months...

People are constantly asking us who Henley looks more like, Hayes or Greyson and my answer seems to be different depending on the day. 
I think, if I had to choose, I'd say Greyson. Something about their coloring and their smiley eyes (Hayes' have always been more doe-shaped), but then sometimes I'll look at Henley and feel like I'm looking at Hayes as a baby all over again. 
Greyson, 5 months
Hayes, 5 months...
She's currently sporting quite the hairstyle, nice and short blonde hair on the sides, big 'ole bald patch in the back (she has the saddest pile of hair in her crib where her head lays - she literally is shedding more than Greta these days) and pokey rooster ginger mohawk going down the center. But she's rockin' it and could not be any cuter in our eyes.
Here's a comparison of all three kids around the same age...
 Can you guess who's who? (obviously the floral romper is a little bit of a giveaway!)

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