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Monday, June 20, 2016

Kinder, here we come!

Our baby boy graduated from preschool last week and it sure was bittersweet for this Mama.
On one hand, I'm so excited for him to start his new journey to kindergarten, and I think he's ready too. He loved his DK (Developmental Kindergarten - an afternoon program that basically gets them ready for the real thing) and our pre-school does a really good job in mentally preparing the kids for what's next. Over the last couple of weeks, he's seemed to be less nervous and more curious about next year, asking me what time school starts, whether he'll bring a lunch and why he has to go every day when I don't go to work every day (fair enough!).

On the other hand, his preschool graduation signifies the end of a chapter that I'm not quite ready to be finished with. The big bad world of Kindergarten scares me and even though I think Hayes is, I'm not ready for it! I love our little pre-school cocoon; I've come to know and love the kids (and parents) who have been in Hayes' class for the last 3 years. 
Everyone knows I'm not big on change and this is a big one!

But alas, time marches forward and we have no choice but to go right along with it. And thankfully I have two more littles to put through pre-school so we don't have to say goodbye to our pre-school fam-i-ly quite yet ;-)

The graduation ceremony was adorable. All of the kiddos walked down the aisle, donning their homemade caps and green handkerchiefs. They had practiced A LOT, with daily rehearsals leading up to the big event. Hayes was super excited, although I think he was a little nervous when he got up on the stage in front of the 60+ parents, grandparents and siblings that had assembled to watch. I actually thought he was going to cry at one point, but luckily he didn't, leaving that up to his sobbing mother in the crowd instead. The school anticipated this, giving little packages of kleenex away alongside the programs - those definitely came in handy!
I swear, he was happy to be there!
Grant was able to capture most of the ceremony on camera, which I'm posting here for your viewing pleasure.

Afterwards, we took Hayes and Greyson to McDonalds - graduates choice - for a celebratory meal (and side note, I hadn't been to a Mickey D's in forever and they are FANCY now! Faux wood floors, digital menus and our meal was even brought to us at our table!) 
So excited to finally be at the "McDonalds with the play structure"...
Anyways, it was a really nice day and we are super proud of our graduate. 
Go Hayes!

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