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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

FOJ Fun...

We had a jam packed weekend of endless entertaining, with different folks coming over for lunch or dinner + a swim every day - and it was pretty damn awesome. It's kind of handy having people come to you when you have so many kids and napping schedules to take into consideration and although it meant that our grocery bill was substantially higher (something my pool-owning boss warned me about before we put in the damn thing), it also meant we could leisurely visit with friends while the littles that were awake played amongst themselves.
Happy Canada Day!
Having a backyard again is, in one word, amazing. The pool, the deck, the grass - everything came together exactly how we wanted it to and we are thoroughly enjoying our outdoor living area, rarely coming inside while the sun is out. The boys are absolutely exhausted at the end of the day, which makes for an easier bedtime and a happier mama. We've yet to get a bill from LADWP (somehow we were a glitch in the system and seemed to have been forgotten about for the last 4 months - they've assured us we'll be receiving our bill soon) so I'm not sure how much this whole pool thing is going to cost us to maintain, but it sure feels like we're getting our money's worth!
This past weekend was a busy one. We had out-of-town guests come for the night on Friday, 4 month old baby girl AND vegetarian dog in tow. Boys finished off their first week of camp (Greyson was a rockstar and transitioned into being there on his own without skipping a beat - he even cried one day at pick up because he didn't want to go home!). Saturday and Sunday was spent poolside with different friends and their kiddos, lots of bbq and summer brews and my new favorite at-home concoction, watermelon aqua fresca. Saturday night, we checked an item off our bucket list by having a family movie night where we ate pizza and your standard movie concessions while watching Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (Hayes and I fell asleep, Grant and Greyson were wide awake - sounds about right!).
And we did a little bit of the same for FOJ yesterday... Hotdogs for lunch while watching the nauseating hotdog eating contest (70 hotdogs?!?!), lots of time in the pool with our neighbors and a couple of other friends, bbq burgers for dinner, ice cream cake for dessert and some fireworks at our local park. Grant and the boys had their own at-home show when we got home (much to Mama's chagrin) and that was a wrap on FOJ '16. It really was the perfect summer weekend ;-)

Henley and Indie, future besties...
Happy birthday, Ryder!
Waiting for the fireworks...
Picking out their fireworks for the at-home show...
Hope y'all had a good one!

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