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Monday, July 25, 2016

Squidge eats!

So this happened...
Squidge has officially eaten her first bites of solid food. 
And it turns out, she is not the gourmand her brothers were ;-(
In her defense, the bland mostly breastmilk oatmeal powder she had to begin what I hope is a lifelong love affair with all things yummy (she's a Cohen after all, food is a BIG deal around these parts!) must have left a lot to desire, especially since the rest of the family was chowing down on our usual Saturday morning cinnamon buns and fresh fruit salad. But while her brothers seemed to pick up on what eating was and how to eat pretty effortlessly, happily slurping whatever was on the spoon into their mouths, pushing it to the back of their throats and swallowing with gusto, Henley... not so much. She had a pained face the entire time we tried to feed her and the oatmeal all came dribbling out at once; I'm not sure any of it entered her body at all!

Alas, we'll keep trying and I know she'll pick up on it eventually. I was wondering if maybe she just didn't like the oatmeal so we tried butternut squash this morning but that was also a no go. Girlfriend just isn't into it.
You know who is? Hayes. He begs me to let him feed her (almost as much as he begs me to let him hold her, "standing up" - seems he's ready to graduate from the sitting down requirement we've installed when it comes to him holding his sister) and now that we've opened the floodgates of food, he's constantly asking whether she can have this or that. Last night, in a moment of single parent weakness (Grant's in Idaho for work), I took the boys to McDonalds for dinner and Hayes suggested that maybe we save their leftovers to give Hen-a-wee Ben-a-wee today. And while I'm sure she would enjoy a chicken mcnugget and french fries far more than some pureed slop, sadly it doesn't work that way, buddy boy.

(here are Hayes and Greyson's first tastes of the good life...)

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