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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to school we go...

BIG week around the Cohen household - both boys started school - Greyson as a Polar Bear (toddler program) at Green Beginning and Hayes as a Kindergartner at Overland Elementary.

There have been mixed feelings about it on both of their parts, but we're keeping our chins up and our minds open and I'm confident that in a couple of weeks time, once we acclimate to the new normal, they'll both be quite happy with the new routine.
Greyson actually started last Friday; he'll go three mornings a week, MWF, 9-12. He has the same teachers - Rachel and Edith - that Hayes had for two years during his time at GBCP. Like I mentioned last week, it felt both foreign and familiar to be there for him instead of Hayes. This is our 5th year at the school (I can't even believe that) and the teachers and parents there have come to feel like a family to me so I was happy to be back and knew Greyson was in good hands.
He happily posed for pictures with his "suitcase" on the front steps and insisted on wearing big brother Hayes' Batman tee.
When we got to school and he realized I'd be leaving him there solo, he wasn't quite as happy. We had a tearful goodbye and I tried to block out the wails I was hearing coming from the school yard as I hopped in my car to head home to take Hayes to kinder orientation. Luckily, according to his teachers, the cries were short-lived and after distracting him a little bit with some lettuce watering, he happily played until pick-up.

He was pretty stoked to see me when I picked him up and after asking him to go get his lunchbox from his cubby, he looked at me and sternly said, "Okay, but don't leave me again!". He had school this week on Monday and Wednesday and it's been a similar scene at drop-off so hoping he gets over that soon. I hate leaving him there like that, but also know that he'll be well taken care of because I have such a comfort level with that school.
Hayes started kinder on Tuesday and was an absolute rockstar at drop-off. I, on the other hand, kind of lost it for a minute there but masked my tears with another hug and shook it off. His teacher's name is Ms. Cohon (easy to remember!) and although I haven't heard the most glowing reviews from other parents (she formerly taught 4th grade math), she seems perfectly fine and we're keeping an open mind. Sadly, him and his buddy were not put in the same class, which was a shame, but he's already made a couple of new friends and I think he'll be just fine.

We walk to school every morning with the other kids on our block who go to Overland, which is kind of a nice way to start the day and definitely feels very suburban. Yesterday's drop-off was unexpectedly tough - I figured since we'd made it through day one with no tears, day two would be a breeze, but not so much. I felt absolutely terrible about leaving him there like that, but figured he would be fine and a quick exit was the best approach.
Hayes seems kind of luke warm about the whole kindergarten thing, which I'm hoping will change as he gets more comfortable. The days are long - 8a-2:30p - and I think that's tough for him. He's also never done consecutive days in a row, always being on a three day a week schedule so it's tiring. He is literally counting down until the weekend and I think the word "Fri-yay- is about to enter his vocabulary.

When I asked him last night what he thought the hardest part of kindergarten was, besides the long days ("it felt like I was there for like, 9 HOURS mom!"), he said he was hungry! So I said that was an easy fix and today, I basically sent him to school with two lunches. All the more reason to keep that Costco membership I guess!
It's been a long week for all of us and this whole new schedule thing is going to be a transition that'll take some time. To be totally honest with you, as a creature of habit who hates change, I don't really like kindergarten so far. I feel like I'm dropping him off at jail and especially yesterday when I had to leave him with his teacher pulling him into the classroom, yelling at me to shut the door, it broke my heart a little bit. I know I'm being dramatic - trust me, I'm reading how ridiculous I sound. But kindergarten is just another step closer to my baby not being my baby anymore and I hate how my familiar days of having all of my babies at home are slowly slipping away. It's something I struggle with constantly, the bittersweetness of life moving forward and being proud of my kid's accomplishments but constantly wanting to freeze time and stay in this moment forever and this week has been a tough one. I know I'll get over it, but it feels heavy right now when we're in the thick of it and it sucks.

(BTW if you really want to feel all the feels, read this article about the 1st day of Kindergarten -

We do also have some good news to report: we found a new nanny! Her name is Marcy and she seems great, totally capable of taking care of three kids and juggling the insane schedule. She's from Chicago and is in her late 20s but best of all, she wants to be a nanny for her career so we hopefully don't have to worry about her going anywhere. She'll do a training day next week with Lolo and then will start week of 8/29. She's got big shoes to fill but I think we're really going to like her.
Looking forward to spending a carefree weekend with my babies ;-) Hope y'all have a good one!

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