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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Greyson: This is Two...

Grey Grey turns three today!
Hard to believe he's only three - from what we can tell, he is wildly advanced for his age and we frequently forget just how little he still is. His mind is going a million miles a minute and sometimes, I find myself just snatching up his little toddler body and pulling him in close, trying to soak in these fleeting moments of him being a two year old while I can.

Happy birthday, to our wild and hilarious Greyson Decker Cohen!
This is two:

You are literally a ball of energy, on the go go go from morning until nighttime. You are a seriously early riser, often waking pre-6am wanting to "watch a show!". Since you share a room with Hayes and we don't need more than one kid awake when the sun is still down, you kind of hold the power, so you'll often start your days watching Apple TV in the dark on the couch while the rest of the house sleeps. Your favorite shows are Rescue Bots, Batman and Team Umi Zoomi. You are obsessed with superheroes, particularly Batman. You wear your Batman jammies whenever they're clean and like to run around saying "I'm Batman!" in a deep, Batman voice. For Halloween this year, you were Captain America and the rest of the family followed suit and dressed up like superheroes. You idolize your brother, Hayes and want to be just like him, insisting on wearing his clothes and shoes everywhere. You guys are like two peas in a pod, mostly getting along, but also at each other's throats. Daddy and I spend our days refereeing the two of you, but you are a tough little guy who will stick up for himself so we don't worry too much. When Hayes is around his friends, you try desperately to keep up. Sometimes they bully you and that kills me a little bit, reminding me how small you really are - but I know one day roles will be reversed and we keep telling Hayes to watch out because soon enough you'll be kicking his butt on the playground. You test our limits nonstop and seem to relish in doing naughty things. But you're the first person to rat yourself out, finding it funny when you've done something you know you shouldn't have done and almost asking to get in trouble for it. Disciplining you is hard, because you don't really care enough about anything for us to threaten to take it away! Except your Batman jammies. You are still sleeping in a crib and we don't understand why you haven't climbed out of it yet. We've made you think that you'll get the worst boo boo ever if you climb out, but you've been athletically capable for a year now and we think you just really like your crib. You're very particular about your sleep routine and what is in your crib when you go to bed - you wear full pajamas for nap time, and only recently started sleeping with a pillow (that had to be from Hayes' bed) and a small stroller blanket that belongs to Henley. You insist on us singing you Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer before you go to sleep and get furious when we change the words. You are a lover and one of my favorite things you do is when you come over to give me a hug out of the blue and smooch a random part of my body, like my neck or arm. We potty trained you over the summer and you caught on immediately, although going #2 took a little longer. By the time you were three, you weren't in diapers at all anymore. You don't eat very much and are your typical picky toddler - you insist on plain bagels with butter for breakfast every morning and if you had your choice, all of your food would be frozen. You love fruit, except for blueberries. You hate meat and sometimes I think you might be a vegetarian. You are an athletic freak for someone your age and have great coordination and a competitive spirit. Recently, your school did a jump-a-thon and while the majority of your classmates did 40-50 jumps, you did 80. It kills you when you can't do something as well as Hayes and you have determination like I've never seen before. You learned how to swim this year and also started soccer, which you love. For your third birthday, we got you a skateboard and had no trepidation about whether you were too young for a gift that seemed to be catered to an older child. You tend to do sports with your left hand and foot, which makes us think you might be a leftie. Your teachers love you and told us that they miss you when you're not at school - and I think they really do! You have an amazing sense of humor and totally get the concept of telling jokes and working a crowd. You love to put your hands behind your head and exclaim, "This is the life, dude!". You have a great memory and refer to things in the past as happening "Last morning".  Your favorite color is blue - and you always want the blue cup with the blue top and the blue giraffe plate. When you are really into explaining something, you move your head back and forth in a teasing sing-song way, which is adorable. You're fast. We can barely keep up with you when you run away from us, which you do at least once a day, either protesting bedtime or because you've sneaked into the pantry and stolen some cookies to eat before dinnertime. You actually believe that certain shoes make you run faster and that my kisses are capable of giving you a power boost. You are a great big brother to Henley, showering her with love and affection. Every night when I'm nursing her to sleep, you creep into her room and give her a hug and kiss goodnight. And you are genuinely happy when you see her in the morning, exclaiming "Hen-wee!" and running over to greet her. You get your f's mixed up with your s's. You pronounce 'sparkling water' 'fucking water'. You love coffee and nothing makes you happier than a cup full of ice you can stick your hands in. You call it 'hide and sneak'. You love to play with cars, racing them all over the house and along the walls. You like to pretend to be bees with Daddy under the blanket in bed in the morning, running into the front room to sting me and Hayes. You love your Dad - he is by far your favorite person in the world and the two of you have a connection that makes my heart swell. As a fellow middle child, I have empathy for your position in the family order and I've learned that a little bit of patience goes a long way with you. You keep us on our toes and add an energy to our household that I couldn't imagine not having. You have high highs and low lows and you do everything with a gusto that I know will take you far. You've already given us so much in your short three years of life and I am excited (and slightly terrified!) for what you have in store for us in the future.

Tonight, we're having some friends over for pizza, cake and presents and in a few weeks, Grant and I will take Grey to Disney for a solo day with Mom and Dad.

Happy birthday, Grey Grey. We love you! 

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