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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Grey's Grey's 3rd Bday Celebration

Our poor middle child went another year without a birthday party. Serious second child problems, but honestly, he doesn't have a whole lot of friends yet (all he really cares about his Hayes at this point) and our house isn't really conducive to hosting large parties with tons of kids anymore, unless those parties are pool parties and even that gives me major anxiety (why do kids wait until they're in the pool to announce that they have to go to the bathroom THIS INSTANT and why oh why didn't we put an outdoor toilet next to the outdoor shower?!).

Second child problems or first world problems?
Anyways, since we didn't have a big birthday party for Greyson this year, we wanted to do something special for him to honor him turning the big three. We took Hayes to Disney when he turned three so decided to make this our family thing - just me, Grant and Greyson for an all-day, anything-you-want-is-yours affair. 
Unfortunately, clients in town derailed my plans to go on his actual birthday - November 15th - but we were able to sneak away for the day at the beginning of December, which was all the more special since Disney had decked its halls (and we all know how much of a sucker this gal is for anything Christmas!).
Kisses for Mama in front of the Christmas lights...
So off we went, for a day full of adventure with our big 3 year old. It's rare that we get to spend any solo time with him - he's usually either grouped within "the boys" or "the littles", which is nice in the way that it means he'll never be lonely, but also a little sad that it means he rarely has anyone's undivided attention.
Favorite rides seemed to be the rocket launcher, the Buzz Lightyear shootout and Pirates of the Caribbean. He went around holding his fingers up and telling everyone that was THREE! He was super stoked to see Woody from Toy Story and he chased so many bubbles being let out from bubble blowers that we couldn't resist buying him his own to put under the tree. He spent the majority of the day sitting on Grant's shoulders, his favorite place in the world. And although we didn't get to see Mickey (why is Goofy the only social character at the park?!), we did see parts of the Christmas parade while we were riding the rocket launcher for the second time, which featured the whole line up of characters and even some fake snow!

Taking Mom and Dad for a spin...
Waiting patiently for the rides...

It was a really fun day and I was sad when it was over.

Happy birthday, Grey Grey! We love you!

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